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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trial set for January in Casey Anthony fraud case

Orlando Sentinel
Sarah Lundy Sentinel Staff Writer
October 16, 2009

The trial for Casey Anthony's check fraud case is set for Jan. 25, according to court officials. A pre-trial hearing will be on Dec. 18. Casey Anthony, 23, is charged with more than a dozen fraud counts, including check forgery. She's accused of writing $662 in checks that belong to a friend, Amy Huizenga. Her defense team has asked that the trial be moved outside of Orange County. Prosecutors wanted the fraud trial to be held before Casey Anthony's murder trial...
And in other news, Casey emptied out her jail house bank account, even going in debt $10 and some change. As usual, George brought a $50 money order down to the jail, signed by Cindy, to pay off the debt and fund her next case of munchies. She never stops...its incredible.

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Anonymous said...

Would it be smart of her to just plead guilty to this charge. For Christ sake, she is on video... Are the Scanthony's the dumbest family alive?? Georgette, leave this family.. Take your manhood back! I once had respect for you...