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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

EMT: Bill Moore confessed to Carol Mould’s killing, El Dorado, Kansas

The Wichita Eagle

EL DORADO - An emergency medical technician testified this morning in Butler County District Court that Bill Moore confessed in May to killing Carol Mould five years earlier.

Dom Domebo testified at a preliminary hearing...that he was called to Moore's house in Benton on May 20.

Domebo found Moore despondent and saying he wanted to hurt his wife. Domebo said he assured Moore he would be taken care of, and prepared to take him to a Wichita hospital for a mental evaluation.

As the ambulance pulled away from the house, Domebo said Moore told him, ''I killed Carol Mould.''

Mould was a neighbor of his in Benton, Domebo heard Moore say. She was found dead after a fire at her house on Sept. 22, 2004.

Moore, 55, was a Boy Scout leader with no criminal history before his arrest last spring.

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