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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another foot found in Canada!

Right:  This old boot is NOT connected to this case.

Human Foot Found In Sasamat Lake, Canada

British Columbia has been riddled by eight human feet washing ashore in the province and another appendage was found on the shore of Sasamat Lake near Port Moody on Friday, The Vancouver Sun reports.
This is at least the ninth foot discovered in British Columbia since 2007...

Read entire article here: http://www.aol.com/2011/11/09/human-foot-found-in-sasam_n_1086014.html

Also read: Another severed foot found in B.C. waters
and: Two feet that washed ashore in B.C. identified from Seattlepi.com.

This one is a men’s size 12 black Cougar brand hiking boot, found November 7, 2011.  Authorities keep saying there is no sign of foul play.  Yeah?  Please, if my foot is ever detached from my leg, assume there HAS been foul play and work from there. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Charla Nash gets new face after Chimpazee attack

The Prairie Chicken
August 11, 2011

Right: Charla before
Right below: Charla after

In May of this year, Charla Nash received a full face transplant at Woman’s Hospital of Boston. A team of 30 doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists worked for 20 hours to perform the extremely rare procedure - the third time the surgery had been performed there.

  In 2009, Nash was attacked by Herrod's 15-year-old chimpanzee, Travis, after Herrod called and requested her help in getting control of Travis, who was having an "off" day.   When paramedics arrived, they found that Travis had ripped off Nash’s entire upper jaw and nose, and had chewed off Nash’s fingers, shredding both of her hands.  Travis was killed by police on the day of the attack.

Charla Nash gets new face--New York Times

Chimp attack victim reveals new face for first time--msnbc.com 

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Warren Jeffs Guilty

The Prairie Chicken
August 8, 2011

Warren Jeffs finally is found guilty of raping two "child brides."  The penalty could be up to 119 years, 99 years for sex with the 12 year old and 20 for the 14 year old, if maximum sentences are given to be served consecutively.  The judge could be lenient, but we are talking about Texas.  The best I believe will be the judge allowing the sentences, what ever they may be, to be served concurrently. 

Why would these dimwits choose Texas, anyway?  I don't even exceed the speed limit when I'm in Texas.  They just don't fool around.  There are 400, give or take, people on death row and they actually execute around 15 every year. 

Here's hoping for a long sentence for this guy.  Life in Texas prison.  oh my...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Warren Jeffs trial, July 26, 2011

The Prairie Chicken
July 26, 2011

Having been held in the El Dorado Texas jail for three years,  Fundamentalist Mormon leader Warren Jeffs has spent an average of 3K per month on phone calls paid for by phone cards. 
 Authorities say Jeffs has received money from his followers and that he uses much of it to buy phone time to deliver lengthy and elaborate sermons to disciples in Texas, Utah and Arizona.
 According to Schleicher County Sheriff David, Jeffs’ calls indicate that he is still running his church from behind bars.

 The Texas accusations arise mainly from a raid conducted by the Texas Rangers on an FLDS ranch a few miles from El Dorado. Authorities took hundreds of children away from the ranch for over two months before allowing them to return.

During the raid, Jeffs' diaries were confiscated, which included photographs of Jeffs kissing very young girls.  Some once-trusted aides of Warren Jeffs say he has betrayed his church’s principles and lost their loyalty by openly boasting of relations with girls as young as 12 or 13.  “And he’s confessed to doing some very terrible things, including molesting his daughter and sister and others,” said Willie E. Jessop, a former Jeffs associate.

Jeffs is represented by attorney  Jeff Kearney.

Jeffs was tried in St. George, Utah, after his arrest in 2006 and he was found guilty on two charges of being an accomplice to rape.  The conviction was overturned by an appellate court on a technicality; jury instructions were found to have been faulty.  Utah prosecutors decided not to re-try the case.

Jury selection for Jeff’s sexual assault trial began in Texas on Monday. He is charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child and one count of bigamy, to which he has pleaded not guilty.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony gets the last laugh

The Prairie Chicken
July 17, 2011

Shortly after midnight, Casey Anthony was released from custody, having served her time for four counts of lying to the police on July 15 and 16, 2008, in the case of her missing/murdered daughter Caylee three years ago.

While I admit I would like one opportunity to bitch slap her,  I accept the judicial system, the jury's decision.  Would rather Casey does not move to the prairie, but it is a free country. 

A question, though.  If it is the State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony, why do all of the jurors have to come from the same county?  It would seem that in the case of a sequestered jury, the prosecution and defense would both benefit from a state wide draw giving the attorneys more to choose from (meaning no disrespect to the Anthony jury, I'm just sayin'...)  more costly I suppose.

Numerous news stations have covered Anthony's release from jail this morning.  Obviously most, if not all, of them must have expected a guilty verdict and then sentencing, then a follow-up to prison, and on and on, because that little 2 minute clip has been played and replayed all day long.  Good movie day.  Now the big question is where did she go?  Is she holed up at Chaney Mason's house?  At a hotel in Orlando?  Did she make the plane to Ohio? 

It was reported last week that Zenaida Gonzalez was issuing a civil suit against her and intended to have it served to her prior to leaving jail.  Tim Miller with Equusearch is also filing suit to seek reimbursement of 112k that his organization spent searching for little Caylee, when according to Casey's own attorney, Casey knew Caylee was already dead.  Leonard Padilla is suing for something,  probably reimbursement for what he spent bailing her out of jail, providing round-the-clock security for her.  Along with that, the IRS wants 78k to pay the income tax on the 225,000k she received for "licensing photo's" of Caylee.   Jose took the money as payment.  Not looking out too well for his client in that sense, huh?

It was said by one of the talking heads that Casey now wants to be a paralegal.  It immediately made me thing of what Jesse Grund said about Casey--that she would try to morph herself into what ever was going on around her, that while not particularly religious, she participated in church and prayer meetings with his family, and suddenly she was a fan of his football team.  She's had no one but attorneys to talk to for three years so now she wants to be involved in law.   Of course, she'll have to get that GED before she can start school for that.  Maybe she can work out something where she's just an imaginary paralegal. 

So Casey Anthony has a future after all.  Only time will tell if it is a good one.  I can't see a reality show in her future, since even Jerry Springer and Vivid Entertainment (XXX rated stuff) pulled their offers.  How about the next Survivor series?  Hopefully she will just fade away, never to be heard from again.  For narcissists like herself that would be the worst punishment of all.  To simply be ignored.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial--Not Guilty of Caylee's Murder, July 5, 2011

The Prairie Chicken
July 5, 20011

Not Guilty.  Just can't wrap my head around which parts of all that defense team crap the jury believed?

All I can say is that they don't know as much as we do about the case.  They couldn't and still say not guilty.  The jury is told what is allowed for them to be told, I guess. 

Today my heart aches for Caylee Marie Anthony, a little girl who would be in the 1st grade this year, she would know all her numbers and abc's, could have been reading already.  She and her grandma would be excited as they bought school clothes and supplies.

Where will Casey go now?  Back to her parents house?  Maybe Grandma Plesea will take her in.   After Crystal's testimony, maybe Cindy will kick George out and she and Casey can just duel to the death.  Weirder things have happened.

Are you outraged? 

Friday, July 01, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial--rebuttal witnesses--7-1-2011

The Prairie Chicken
July 1, 2011

Sitting back, thinking about the Anthony trial this past month, it is amazing how fast time has gone by, what with it being so long.  I'm afraid that little Caylee Marie, shown here at right, just a little girly-girl, is getting lost in all the garbage (no pun intended).
There were the real nuts in the gallery.  The crazy lady who yelled out in the courtroom concerning Casey’s guilt, had a total meltdown when facing Judge Perry, and spent one or two nights in the clink.  Then just this week some arrogant little pip-squeak with a crush on Casey was photographed covering a yawn with his hands and ending with one finger giving prosecutor Ashton the bird.  Why?  Six days in jail and $660 something in fines and court costs.  Did it really seem like a good idea at the time?  Really? 

How about the difference between Dr G’s testimony and that of Warner Spitz about the autopsy procedure, and Spitz calling G’s work shoddy because she had not sawed the top off of an empty skull.   To me, those are fightin’ words.  When you follow these high profile crimes, you’ll usually find that the defense will call in one of this trio of expert medical examiners:  Dr. Warner Spitz,  Dr. Henry Lee, or Dr. Cyril Wecht.  I’ve found them all to be experts for a price.  Warner is probably supplementing his retirement with defense cases.  He was completely uninformed about the case except for what Baez had asked for—someway to discredit the first autopsy.
And what do you think of Cindy Anthony now?  On the day in court when she lied about making the computer searches, one psychologist on a talk show said she had moved her lips in the “dupers delight”, a way of puckering her lips just prior to and after telling a lie.  It's true, too, I was watching clips on HLN and sure enough, all through that bevy of lies about the searches she has a peculiar pucker.  Then today, when prosecution brought in the president of Gentiva with records that show that she was not only at work, but making entries on the work computer, she kept herself hidden behind the woman sitting in front of her, trying to make herself as small as possible.  Maybe there will be other news views.  What facial features does she use when she is caught red-handed in a lie under oath with a po'd district attorney and stern judge?    

It looks to me like Casey is enjoying her last few days of relative freedom.  When will it hit her that everyone is going to go on to something else, while she heads off to jail.  It’s not exactly going to be like spring break.   Right now she is a star.  Everyone knows who Casey Anthony is.  Soon, though, she will be a note in the back-pages of the newspaper when she files for appeal, or is denied.  Maybe she can entertain herself with imaginary vacations. 
But then I’m assuming that she will be found guilty.  Lawd knows I have been very wrong before.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial--the defense rests--6-30-2011

The Prairie Chicken
June 30, 2011

This afternoon the trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony on June 16, 2008 entered the next step of closing arguments, when defense rested their case in the afternoon session. 

It would probably be better for Drane Burdick to present closing arguments for the prosecutions instead of Ashton.  While I did see Drane Burdick po'd a couple of times, when Cindy was blatantly lying, contradicting herself and trying to manipulate with that smarmy look she gets, Ashton clearly lets Baez get under his skin. You can tell he'd like to pop him in the nose.

One problem I had from early on was that George, Cindy and Lee were allowed to remain in the court room when they were witnesses themselves.   Sure they could have sat at home and watched it all on tru.tv and HLN like I did, but Cindy so obviously changed her story.  Lied.  There I said it. 

Dr. Vass impressed me.  And Dr. G.  He was the head guy at the Tennessee body farm.  She's a famous medical examiner with a TV show.  It has to be a very unique kind of person who would choose death for a career.  they are needed...just sayin', but anyway...  They knew their stuff and were very interested in their work, excited for the chance to share their knowledge.  His testimony reflected the most recent findings and publishing.  In contrast, Baez brought in a bevy of "expert" witnesses who were, I don't know.  Inexperienced?  Only partly informed?  Paid to read the script? (Dr. Werner Spitz--$5000 per day to say whatever you want--that's pathetic)

Was there any reason to subpoena Crystal Holloway?  Was that just one final jab at George's character?

What really frustrates me is, having followed this case so closely for three years, there are sooo many things not brought forward.  And what scares me is the very small amount that was actually presented to the jury.  That has to be a hard job--prosecutor--to sort out the most important issues and present them in a clear enough progression that 12 peeps can all make sense of.  Baez makes defense look simple.  Delay, whine, postpone, lie.  Maybe he has written a closing argument that will draw all this together to somehow match his opening statements.  Ya reckon?

What are your thoughts on the trial?

Monday, June 06, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 6-5-2011

Dr Arpad Vass, the head research scientist at the Tennessee Body Farm testified today about the odor in the trunk carpeting.  Vass explained the odor analysis, often leaving Baez looking dazed.  He spent a lot of time giving background--he explained the method of scientific experiment used and was obviously excited about his work and enjoyed working.  Baez accused him of portraying himself as more educated and experienced and made a bit of a fool of himself by insisting that only a chemist could figure out the smell from data presented.  I guess having a Phd in Anthropology, a BA in Administration and AS in Biology plus twenty years experience in decomposition doesn't make him an expert, huh, Baez?

Casey Anthony murder trial 6-4-2011

The Prairie Chicken

June 4, 2011
Awilda McBride was the police officer who went to the tow yard to pick up the trash that had been thrown in the dumpster when George picked up the Pontiac, called to testify to fill a box.  They asked her if she smelled anything.  She didn’t.
It’s funny how Casey liked to present herself as a young woman who really had it together.  Single mother, Valencia student, employed in a great job.  Was there ever a time when she realized she could actually do those things?  But in lying, she claimed to have made achievements that she didn’t.  Her “graduation” for instance.  She was short a credit, wasn’t allowed to walk with her class, yet Cindy threw the party anyway.  Did that check a box for Casey?  Figured that was good enough.   Is there a name for that besides narcissistic? 

Casey Anthony murder trial 6-3-2011

The Prairie Chicken

June 3, 2011
On Friday, more video tapes of jail conversations were played.   The first was Casey with both George and Cindy.   She behaved rather well on August 3, telling her parents that she missed them and wanted to come home.  She said that keeping her there wasn’t helping anything—and seemed to think they could bail her out.

Another video was played of conversation between Casey and Lee.  He was doing his own private investigation and really wanted Casey to understand what her rights were—questioning her about  how she hooked up with Jose Baez and indicating that Lee did not trust Baez. 
Next the video was played when George had gone to visit Casey by himself.  As I said before, what she wanted was for mom and dad to come up with $50k to bail her out.  She was sooo sweet to him, fawning and telling him he was a terrific Dad and wonderful Grandpa.  She repeated several times that she wanted to be there (home) when Caylee came home.   It seemed to me that her demeanor changed a bit after he told her they couldn’t come up with that kind of money.  A little colder.  I don’t suppose it has ever occurred to her that if she hadn’t run up 45K in credit card charges, they may have been able to help her.

Another video of Casey with Cindy and George during an August 14 visit shows Casey still trying to sniff out money.  Never anything about Caylee.  This is the one where she throws her little hissy fit

Friday, June 03, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 6-2-2011

The Prairie Chicken
June 2, 2011

This morning we heard from Jeff Hopkins, the character who played on and off boyfriend in Casey’s imaginary world.  Hopkins testified that he knew Casey from middle school and did actually work at Universal Orlando at one point.  He said the last time he worked at Universal was in 2002—not with Anthony and six years before Caylee disappeared.   Before this all came down Lee overheard Casey talking to her mother about Jeff Hopkins and Lee said he knew him from high school.  Not missing a beat, Casey said it was Jeffrey Michael Hopkins, not the one Lee knew.  Hopkins testified he's never dated Anthony, doesn't have a son and has never lived in Jacksonville, as Anthony claimed of the Hopkins she spoke of.   So I guess that eliminates the deceased wife, the little boy Zachary and the mother Jules, who incidentally was just married in an impromptu ceremony at the the hospital chapel where she is undergoing cancer treatment.   Easy come, easy go. 
Yuri Melich was recalled to the witness  box.  He testified about the morning of July 16, 2008 when Melich and entourage escorted Casey to Universal Studio’s because Casey thought she might have information in her desk, in her office.  OSCO had spoken with security explaining the situation and security verified there was no Tom Manly, her manager, or Juliet Lewis, her work bff, and security had allowed them to enter the park because of the situation.   Walking and  talking confidently , Casey led them through the gate and into a building, down the hall when she finally admitted she did not work there.  Melich and another detective Appy something, borrowed a conference room right in that building and the interview was audio taped.  On the tape, Melich confronted Casey about all the stories and gave her a good tongue lashing.  The Defense had nothing to say. 
Leonard Turtora followed Melich.  He was the Universal Orlando Supervisor  who escorted Casey and Orange County Sheriff detectives around the park when Casey claimed she worked there, and then later admitted that she didn't.  Turtora stated that Casey actually did work for Kodak but was terminated when Colorvision replaced Kodak and Casey didn’t apply for a job with the new company.  He also verified that Casey’s imaginary friends did not work there either.
For the rest of the day, Casey’s jail house visitor tapes were played, her visits with Lee and her parents back when she still thought she could get something from them.  There were four or five, which lasted the afternoon.  They were the tapes that have played endlessly on the news for long these three years.  They only accentuate how manipulative she is. 

That wrapped it  up.  The jury offered to stay over 10-15 minutes to finish watching the last video.  These people are serious.   I wonder if they are put up somewhere swanky.  Or at least very nice.  It would be my luck I’d be sequestered in a no-tell motel with a crusty bedspread and wet carpet.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 6-1-2011

The Prairie Chicken
June 1, 2011

It was a busy day in Judge Perry’s court Wednesday, a full schedule of witnesses and each questioned and dispatched in short order, with only a couple exceptions as you’ll read below.
Amy Huizenga came back this morning and was cross-examined by defense.  Judge Perry had decided against allowing the prosecution to bring up the money Casey stole from Amy, which would reveal that Casey had previously pleaded guilty to six felony counts because of the theft.  She testified that their friendship was only about five month’s total, and that it was obviously one-sided.  She testified that Casey had led her to believe that they were going to room together in the Anthony house which her parents were moving out of.  “Sign it over to her.”  Then Baez asked her if she was a heavy drinker, if she had ever driven drunk, and  asked if she had moved in with Ricardo Morales after July 15, (she did because she had no place to live and no money, both thanks to Casey, but not allowed to be spoken of in front of the jury.)  Then the question that chapped me; Baez asked her if she had “gone out” with Jesse Grund after they met in mid-July (she had, but just to compare notes to see if they could figure out where Casey might have taken Caylee.)  So in trying to discredit Amy, he tried to make her look like a jealous, drunken whore, picking up Casey’s sloppy seconds, her castoffs.  I’d like to box his ears for that.  Casey’s friends asked for none of this.  They accepted her at face value and were open and accepting of her.  What a slap in the face.  To make it worse, she was given a subpoena when she left the courtroom Tuesday to return to be a defense witness. 

Lee Anthony was up next.  Lee’s testimony was consistent with the statements that he gave at the first of the investigation.  He said that his mother and sister were very combative on July 15, and that Casey refused to speak to her mother which was why he followed Casey into her room, hoping to get her to tell him.  He said there was a jealousy between mother and daughter and Casey told Lee that Cindy had told her several times that she was an un-fit mother.  He testified that she told him after a while that her nanny had stolen Caylee and she had not seen her in 31 days, the conversation that was overheard by Cindy which spurred the third 911 call from Cindy to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OSCO).  He also relayed the statement from Casey, “maybe I’m just a spiteful bitch.”   At one point during a recess they made eye contact and she smiled.  Lee did not. While he was not asked today about the allegation by Casey that he had molested her, he was dismissed subject to recall.  We will hear more from Lee.
Sheriff’s deputy Rendon Fletcher was called to the stand.  Fletcher was a responding officer on July 15, 2008 and was dispatched to the Sawgrass apartments to check out Zanieda Gongalez.  After finding the apartment empty, he spoke with the apartment manager and found out that the apartment had been vacant for months.

Sheriff’s deputy Adriana Avecedo was up after lunch. She arrived at the Anthony home on July 15 and after speaking to Corporal Fletcher, Avecedo took Casey to Sawgrass apartments with Casey sitting in the back and giving directions. Casey pointed to the apartment on the second floor apartment 210. Casey was never put in handcuffs, nor was she arrested, as Casey’s lies hadn’t yet started to surface.
Next up was Amanda Macklin is the community manager of Sawgrass apartments.  She stated that she did not know Casey Anthony and that there was never a Zenieda Fernandez Gonzales who lived in those apartments.

And moving right along, Prosecution called Reginald Hosey, a OSCO supervisor in charge of the scene at the Anthony home on July 15.  Once Sheriffs deputies arrived, the family was separated and each questioned individually.  Hosey spoke with Casey early on.  She told him that she and her mother were not getting along and that Cindy was making threats to take custody of Caylee from her.  Casey did not make much about the kidnapping.  Hosey testified, as did Fletcher and Avecedo, that Casey displayed a flat affect, very unemotional and removed from what was going on.
OSCO Detective Yuri Melich was the last witness called on Wednesday.  It was a bit boring at first.  Melich read the statement that Casey agave him on July 15/16 2008, and after he read it, the actual audio tape of the interview between Melich and Casey was played for the jurors.  Casey remained subdued as lie after lie came out of her mouth on the recording.  Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth she was so cool. 

Then Baez asked him if he ever went by another name, i.e. Dick Tracy Orlando.  Melich looked puzzled and stymied by Prosecution objection, Baez pursued, risking the wrath Judge Perry, to enter evidence that Yuri Melich had posted on a popular crime website, webslueths.com under the ID of Dick Tracy Orlando.   Baez never shared this discovery with Prosecution (all evidence had a dead-line of December 10) so again, we have to wait for Judge Perry’s ruling on whether it should be allowed or if anything would impeach Melichs character.  From the stack of paper Baez handed to Perry, much of it was well wishes from bloggers when Melich broke his leg, Judge Perry told Baez he has until tomorrow morning to show him something “pacific” that showed Melich discussed the case or posts that showed he had a bias toward the defendant.  Not a stack of paper.  It seems that at one time OSCO had reprimanded him for his involvement with a blog.  Baez then beat on him the rest of the day about why  there wasn’t a more extensive search of the swimming pool.  Of course there are photo’s showing police looking at every inch of the backyard of the Anthony house, but Baez has probably forgotten that.

I wonder if Baez is starting to morph to Casey think.  Just throw it all against the wall and see what sticks. 
The Judges habit of dropping the s when he says “specific” make is come out “pacific”.  This wouldn’t be so irritating if he didn’t say it so much.  Just annoying. 

It’s also being reported by wesh.com in Orlando that the IRS is dunning Casey Anthony for about $68K.  It seems that when Casey and Jose Baez sold Caylee photo’s for $200K+, Baez took it all and didn’t pay tax on her behalf. 
Welcome to the grown up world Casey

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-31-2011

Cindy Anthony Tuesday, May 31
Photo from Orlando Sentinel.com

The Prairie Chicken
May 31, 2011,
On Tuesday, Cindy Anthony took the stand and relived the afternoon and night of July 15, 2008, through the infamous 911 calls to the Orange County Sheriffs Office.  Cindy continued telling the story in chronological order, laying out the details of all the lies Casey told her; telling about the intricate details Casey came up with, not only with her imaginary friends, but giving each character family members, pets, jobs, physical descriptions, what they supposedly drove, where they lived.  Gave them background stories.    While Cindy cried throughout her testimony, during the third taped 911 call, the one where she says the car smells like there has been a dead body in the damn car, she had what appeared to be a close to total breakdown.  It was agonizing to watch the degree of suffering that was plain to see (I admit I cried with her for a minute), and what made it all the more eerie was the cold calm demeanor that Casey displayed during her mothers testimony.  After the hissy fit she threw on May 28, she was quite stoic, like finally her meds kicked in. 

Amy Huizenga ended the days questioning with her account of Casey’s lies.  This was a different Amy than I expected although all I had seen of her before was through the party pictures that Casey had taken.  After Cindy’s drama in the morning, Amy’s testimony was almost mundane, and will continue tomorrow.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-28-2011

The Prairie Chicken

May 28, 2011

Saturday morning, Tony Lazzaro began the day with more testimony, this time describing his last week or so with Casey.  The intimate (sexting) messages between him and Casey were edited by Judge Perry as irrelevant (and would only have caused Lazzaro more embarrassment.)  Lazzaro said in text messages on July 17 she told him Caylee was with a psycho nanny, even then carrying on the lies.   He testified about the phone calls and text messages between the two after Casey’s lies had been exposed on July 15 and ended by expressing how angry, hurt and humiliated he felt by her betrayal.  Casey remained mostly stoic throughout his stint on the stand, dabbing at imaginary tears occasionally. 
Cindy Anthony was then sworn in.  She asked to bring her water and then asked to have the large photo of Caylee taken down to try to keep from crying.  At least she wasn’t chewing gum this time.  Much of her testimony involved the layout of the house, how many doors led outside, whether the doors were kept locked.  After the story of Caylee’s birth and living arrangements, she began with the events of Fathers Day, June 15, 2008, the last day she spent with Caylee when the pair went to visit Cindy’s parents in Mt Dora.  (Reference video of Caylee singing “You are my sunshine.”)  She went day by day describing each lie Casey had told.  Now this was truly “amazing”, the intricate detail that Casey came up with about the trip to Tampa with her imaginary friends, the terrible car accident, the grueling imaginary work schedule, the trip to Jacksonville the imaginary boyfriend and all his kin.  Cindy laid it all out to the first break called by Judge Perry.

This is where it became interesting.  Cindy walked past the defense table without a glance.  Casey stared after her and when she saw George embrace Cindy at the back of the courtroom, Casey threw a real hissy fit.  One of her attorneys Dorothy Clay Sims, tried to comfort her but she was pissed.  While I cannot read lips, after viewing the video several times, some of her words I made out were, “she’s had three years and nothing…”, “she said she would stand by me…”, and then many more short spurts began with “she” but I lost the rest.  Obviously Casey was expecting something entirely different than the truth.  Wow.  Well, we have two days to think about this. 

Cindy returned to the stand, Casey still sniffling, Cindy more composed.  She cried periodically at pictures of Caylee, or special memories she spoke of.  Her testimony continued about Casey’s stories during the 31 days in question, until court was finally dismissed until Tuesday at 9:00.
Do you think Casey is acting?  What with shaking her head when George testified denying he ever molested her and now this temper tantrum thrown at her mother.  Could she be schizophrenic as well as a narcissistic sociopath?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-27-2011

The Prairie Chicken
May 27,2011

Friday morning testimony began with Mallory Parker, girlfriend/fiancĂ©e of Casey’s brother Lee Anthony.  I’ll admit my disappointment right away.  She had been so quiet and out-of-sight during these long three years and I had hoped she would have some valuable input on something.  Anything.  According to Parker, Casey was a wonderful, balanced mother to Caylee, which indicates she was either not around much, or she wants to marry into this kooky family so badly she will say anything Lee expects her to say.  There is always the possibility that Parker genuinely thought Casey and Caylee had a great relationship.  In this case, anything is possible.  At the end of her testimony, Baez asked Parker to describe the relationship and Parker replied, “Amazing…”  If I’m not mistaken, that is the same thing Scott Peterson said about his wife Lacey after he had murdered her and dumped her in the bay. 
William Waters was called next and his testimony was short and sweet, much like his time spent with Casey Anthony.  A friend of Amy Huizenga, William met Casey at the July 4 party (reference the pic’s of Casey ‘dressed’ in the US flag.)  She spent the night with him, left in the morning then came back and spent the afternoon of July 5.  Apparently just a meaningless hookup, but interesting in that she was supposedly madly in love with Tony Lazzaro at the time (Tony was visiting his home in NY.) She was probably called as a state witness just to validate what a skank she was.

Catherine Sanchez testified to the days that Casey’s car was in the Amscot parking lot, and that she had called to have it towed.

Simon Birch was then called to the stand, he is the manager of the company that towed Casey’s car on June 30 and held it in their yard until the Anthony’s came to get it. Birch testified that he escorted George Anthony to the car and experienced smelling a horrendous odor emanating from the interior and trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire.  He witnessed the circular discoloration on the floor of the trunk and it was he who threw away the bag of trash that they found there. 
George Anthony returned to the stand for the 3rd time after Simon Birch.  Prosecution and Defense walked him through the same story that Simon Birch had just told, about picking up the Pontiac from the tow yard  and smelling the smell of death.  Baez uses a very irritating tone when he questions George, really trying to  make the jury see him as a bad guy, wants to know why HE didn’t call police after he smelled death in the car. Badgering is the only word that fits, picking and poking and asking the same question over and over.  Baez accuses George Anthony of distancing himself from evidence. 
Back at the Defense table, Baez and Casey appear to have an animated argument.  Coming just after Georges testimony, one might be led to think Casey objected to Baez treatment of her father, but who knows.  Maybe she wanted chicken for lunch and all she got was crow. 

To end the day, Tony Lazzaro was recalled to the stand again, speaking more about his time with Casey, what they did, where they went, what they said, yadda, yadda.

If I recall correctly, Lazzaro told the court on his first day of his testimony that returning to court would be a hardship, because he now lives in Ft Pierce, Florida.  Still, this is the third appearance and it looks like he will be first up tomorrow, Saturday.  Until then…

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jordan Brown gets another chance at juvenile court

The Prairie Chicken
May 28, 2011

Jordan A Brown, Wampum, Pennsylvania, the now 13 year old who allegedly shot his fathers fiancee, Kenzie Houk in the back of the head two years ago, will be given another chance to have his case tried in juvenile court instead of the adult court system.  Her unborn baby died as a result of her death.

Pennsylvania law allows persons age 11 and above to be tried in adult court for murder charges.  Under certain circumstances the case can be referred to juvenile court, one stipulation being the defendant admits his/her guilt.  In this case, Jordan Brown has denied killing his future step-mother, causing the judge hearing the case to refuse to reassign the court. 

Brown’s attorney, Lourdes Rosado has filed an appeal that Brown was denied his constitutional rights against self-incrimination by being tried in adult court unless there is a confession.

Jordan Brown Hearing goes to Common Pleas Court

Another Chance for Jordan Brown

No go! Jordan Brown, 12, To Be Tried As Adult For Murder  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-26-2011

The Prairie Chicken
May 26, 2011
As we knew from the end of yesterday’s testimony, Tony Lazzaro was back on the stand.  His description of Caylee and her relationship with her mother Casey was given with what seemed to be fond but sad memories of the little girl.  He acknowledged that he had told Casey he loved her, and she had avowed the same to him. 

Without the jury in court Lazzaro gave a statement about abuse Casey allegedly told him about which involved her brother Lee trying to “feel her up” in the chest area, and that her father had “hit” on her a lot.  He said that he took what Casey told him of her father's actions to be discipline and not abuse.

The statement was taped to be used if the proper foundation is later made to enter that testimony and so that Lazzaro will not have to return if and when that happens.  Judge Perry will make that determination.

It is almost painful watching Baez fumble his way through defense questioning.  It is hard to follow where he is going or what he wants to elicit.  As I wrote yesterday, Baez does not seem to understand the rules of admission of evidence and building foundation.  He is building a great case for Casey to win another trial—ineffective counsel. 

George was back on the hot seat this morning, recalled by Baez, and badgered ruthlessly about the gas cans Casey had stolen from his shed.  George admitted that he had placed the duct tape on the round gas can after he got them back from Casey because the cap was missing and he didn’t want gas fumes in the shed.  It almost appears that Baez was nipping at George to get him to show his temper. 

Baez asked George Anthony to fill in dates on a large calendar with a dry marker, to record the dates that Caylee was reported missing and the date that the gas can incident occurred.  It seems like a rather elaborate little game that had no reason or benefit for either side.  By the end of George's testimony today it seems Baez was beating around the bush as to why George would call the police about stolen gas knowing Casey probably stole it, but never questioned where Caylee was for a month--never called the police about that.  Pointless and unnecessary. 

Morales followed George on the witness stand.  Now married with one child and living in Illinois, he said he worked at a car dealership when Casey stayed with him.  He met her in June 2007, they started being a couple in February 2008, and the relationship was over by the middle of April, 2008.  During the time of February through April, Morales said that Casey stayed overnight with him four to five times per week and that Caylee was always with her. 

One picture showing a bruise under Caylee’s left eye had been objected to prior to trial, the defense claiming that would prejudice the jury, allowing them to believe the bruise was a result of abuse.  Prosecution sneaked it in by asking Morales to identify it as a photo simply showing Casey and Caylee in his bedroom.  It was allowed with admonition from Judge Perry that the bruise, as verified by several sources, was simply a toddler mishap, not abuse.

Morales also reported that Casey had confided in him that she had allegedly been abused by her brother. 

Morales said that June 10 was the last time he ever saw Caylee, when she left his apartment with Casey that morning.  In August of 2008 he sold pictures of Caylee to Globe rag magazine for $4 thousand dollars. 

Baez then (with great difficulty) entered the photo, “win her over with chloroform,” that was taken from Morales’ My Space site.  He replied that it was simply a joke he had downloaded from a humor site. 

Other witnesses of the day included Melissa England, the girlfriend of Troy Brown, a parking valet in downtown Orlando and roommate of Amy Huizenga.  England described her as friendly and engaging and showed no sign of distress over a missing daughter when she met her at around the first of July, 2008.  She witnessed Casey on her cell phone give an elaborate excuse about why she couldn’t hang with her friends, then hung up and said, 'Oh my God, I'm such a good liar."

Troy Brown then took the stand, followed by Iassen Donov, and Donte Salati, Christopher Stutz, and Matthew Crisp.  The questioning followed the same each time, was Casey a loving mother, a kind mother, did you ever see her hit Caylee or neglect her.  And each stated they saw no abuse and had no knowledge of what happened to the little girl.  All agreed that there was no sign of stress or panic or even concern about Caylee’s whereabouts between June 16 and July 15, 2008.  Another round of checking boxes of anyone who ever knew Casey, in my opinion.  Nothing really substantial.

Casey managed some tears during Lazzaro's testimony, then hardened to hard-ball stage again once her father took the stand.  Melissa England looked beautiful dressed nicely, hair clean and styled, flawless makeup.  This has got to be killing Casey.  She is now seeing the life she really threw away, it is occuring to her that life has moved on while she sits her pasty butt in jail.  You know she wants to know who Ricardo Morales married.  When he had a child.  Did he marry Amy?  Tony and his friends are well on their way to having careers in music and entertainment.  And Casey is going nowhere.

Great coverage from baynews9.com

Anthony timeline

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-25-2011

The Prairie Chicken
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Prosecution Attorney Frank George questioned for the state.   Defense Attorney Jose Baez for the defense.
Cameron Campana was first witness of the day.  He attended the school Full Sail in Audio Engineering and was Anthony Lazzaro’s roommate through the time that Casey stayed at Lazzaro’s apartment. He first said he saw  Casey frequently with Caylee, then without Caylee.  Campana inquired about Caylee and Casey told him she was “with the nanny.” Testimony wrought from both sides was fairly mundane, marking a box, in my opinion, of touching everyone remotely involved.
Nathan Lezniewicz took the stand next.  Lezniewicz was also a student at Full Sail and was a roommate of Lazzaro’s as well.  He was at the apartment on July 15, 2008, when Cindy Anthony and Amy Huizenga arrived to confront Casey about Caylee’s whereabouts. After Casey left with her mother, he spoke with Lee when he showed up to get Casey’s computer and backpack, and also there through the police search of the apartment about an hour after Lee left.  He thought Casey a normal, talkative, happy person overall.  Upon cross, Defense Attorney Jose Baez asked where Casey parked when at Lazzaro’s, 50 ft from their cars or right next to theirs.  Lezniewicz answer was that she always parked within a few cars from their own.  A lead in to the smell in the car, I believe.

Clint House followed Lezniewicz on the stand.  House was apparently Lazzaro’s best friend and fellow student at Full Sail in Recording Arts.  He lived at the apartment from April 2008 through the end of June.  He stated that he saw Caylee four or five times and that the baby never stayed over at the apartment.  Upon cross, Baez asked a bevy of questions pertaining to Casey
Anthony’s being a “good mother”.  At one point Baez seemed to be indicating that others had access to Casey’s laptop.  House said that although Casey cooked and cleaned and tried to inject herself into the Fusion management, taking out the trash at the apartment was left to House or Lazzaro.  Another lead in, I believe, as to why Casey would have their trash in her trunk.  Hmmm-let’s see, should we put it in the dumpster, or Casey’s trunk?  Phishaw.
Maria Kissh was witness number four this morning.  She was the girlfriend of Clint House and had met Casey through House.  He had told her Casey was “the girl Tony was seeing at the time.”  She recalled calling on House pre-date one evening and Caylee answered the door.  Casey stayed in the bedroom while Caylee was out on the balcony with others.  When they began to leave, Kissh was leery of leaving Caylee out there by herself.  Casey came out and told Caylee to get her shoes on, Kissh helped her put them on and tied them for her and that was the first and last time she saw her.  Described by Kissh as an acquaintance, Casey told her the “event planner at Universal” story and told her she paid $400 per week for the “nanny.”  Kissh recounted the hot body contest at Fusion on June 20, of which she did not personally enter.  Baez elicited that Kissh and House rode in Casey’s back seat to Fusion and smelled nothing wrong in the car.  Then he indicated through questioning that perhaps Kissh was jealous that Casey was staying at the apartment around her boyfriend House.  Kissh said she didn’t care, Casey was with Lazzaro. 

In my view, the first three witnesses of the day, Campana, Lezniewicz, and House establish that they found Casey cool, confident and relatively normal before and after Caylee’s death on June 16.  I was impressed that the young men were very intelligent, articulate and did not embellish their testimony.  They gave facts as they remembered them and seemed completely unrehearsed, as did Maria Kissh even though Kissh was not as impressed with Casey’s mothering skills as the male roommates had been. 

It now occurs to me that the hot body contest at Fusion was only four days after Caylee died. 

Afternoon session, Defense again asks to have the shovel testimony thrown out as irrelevant, now that he has claimed the baby drown.  Judge Perry denied the request and notes the objection (for appeals court after she’s convicted). 

Brian Burner was first on the stand after the lunch break with his shovel evidence, a next door neighbor of the Anthony family since 2005.  He saw Casey’s car backed into the garage on June 17, and again on June 18 when she backed in and borrowed the shovel.  He spoke with police on June 17 and again on June 30, when he told them about the shovel.

Jamie Realander and Erica Gonzalez testified after Burner, both were shot girls at Fusion Ultra Lounge on Fridays and verified previous testimony that Casey had no change in demeanor before and after Caylee had died.  One news anchor on HLN called it a “parade of shot girls.”  There was no real substance to their testimony—only that she was “protective” of the shot girls from groping drunks.  Whatever that proves. 

Anthony Lazzaro was next on the stand and the witness I was particularly waiting for.   He met Casey on Facebook and they met in person at the end of May.  He discussed their dating history, short in itself as he had only known her face to face for three weeks when Caylee died.  Several lunches, swim dates, etc., with Caylee, though no over nights.  Lazzaro verified the “job at Universal” story, and was told by Casey that Caylee stayed with either her mother or a nanny named Zani. 
It was established that on June 16 at 7:54 pm he was with her at the Blockbuster Video store.  The next day he skipped school to spend the day in bed with Casey.  They went their ways on the 18th, he to school and she to the Anthony house, where she borrowed the shovel from Burner.   

He explained the incident with the gas cans, that Casey assured him it was her house and okay if he broke the lock on the shed.  He did not see inside the trunk when she put them in.  That was June 20.  I thought I saw a shadow cross his face when he mentioned the trunk, as though maybe he had wondered, himself, whether Caylee had been in the trunk then.  Lazzaro also discussed picking her up from the Amscot parking lot, car broken down because it was out of gas and Casey carrying groceries apparently from the Anthony house. 

Baez was not able to complete his questioning of Lazzaro, so tomorrow we will start the day with Tony Lazzaro again, with Baez introducing testimony on Casey’s night mares and sweats and having seen her crying in the dark watching the Fathers Day video Cindy had sent her of Caylee visiting her PaPa in the nursing home.  If my esp holds...

Can’t say I was much impressed with the Baez defense today and have to wonder why one of the more experienced attorneys don’t step in on some of the questioning when Baez is obviously floundering.  He was repeated unprepared and doesn’t seem to understand the admission of evidence. 
How is Baez going to explain the duct tape around her little head? 

I also wondered what was going through Casey's mind when Maria Kissh was testifying.  She looked beautifully put together in a professional skirt suit and low heels, hair clean and styled, very lovely and articulate, probably every thing Casey liked to think about herself.  And there Casey sat in her school-marm poofy-sleeved blouse and silly sideburns with her elven ears sticking out.  Hey--It's my blog, I can be catty if I want...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-24-2011

The Prairie Chicken
May 24, 2011

We expected an explanation of some sort.  The crazy thing is how deep and wide a hole has been dug. 

The day started out with a precise timeline, day by day, from June 16 to July 15, 2008.  Linda Burdick was not over dramatic and methodically followed Casey's actions wrapping up the prosecutions opening statement in about two and a half hours. 

Defense attorney Jose Baez began his opening statements.  He declared that, "Caylee Anthony died on June 16, 2008, when she drown in the backyard swimming pool." Not only does the defense state that George Anthony was present and somehow involved in the hiding of Caylee's body, but that he had raped his daughter repeatedly when she was younger, and that she was so traumatized by the abuse and afraid of her father that she followed everything he told her regarding the death of Caylee.   It was incredible watching how stoic he and Cindy Anthony were as they sat in the back row of the gallery listening to these accusations. 

Still trying to slay the messenger, Baez brought up Roy Kronk again, the hapless meter reader who found Caylee Maries remains in the woods. 

Then first witness of the day is George Anthony.  The state rather delicately asked him the pertinent questions allowing him to deny he abused Casey in any way and that he had nothing to do with, including knowledge of Caylee Marie's death.   

Baez began his cross examination of George and at times he seemed to be taunting George with his arrogant manner of questioning.  The state objected to almost every question, most of the objections were sustained (the judge agreed with the objection). 

I admire George's ability to answer those questions from Baez as stoically as he did, considering the fact that just this morning Baez accused him of some horrible actions.  At about 4:30 George appears to be trying to control his emotions.  He began to break down when a side bar was called and Baez wrapped it up with some milder questions and shortly court was dismissed.

Throughout the day, Casey went from being weepy to stone cold.  No wonder she said she didn't want her parents there.  Or maybe she thought that George loved her sooo much that he'd sacrifice himself to save her--like Perry Mason's courtrooms where Mason's orations could push the perpetrator, who was always in the gallery, to jump up mid-speech and admit guilt.  "I can't take it anymore, I did it!"

It's obvious that today George's heart was totally broken, if it hadn't been already.  Will he now turn his back on her?  Why wasn't Lee in the courtroom? 

The problem with her defense overall, as I see it, is that IF Caylee was accidentally drown in the pool, why wouldn't Casey have come up with before trial so she would have a shot at involuntary manslaughter, or some lower offense.  But now--when her trial has begun for 1st degree Capital Murder, she comes up with this?  It's almost laughable, if it wasn't so sad.

Casey Anthony opening statements preamble

A quick note this morning while watching opening statements.
Vinnie Politan, news anchor for HLN News is in the courtroom twittering his court side comments all through the trial.
I've already caught some things that I missed in my detail timeline, nothing big so far--some shopping trips, couple other details.
I'll be back at the end of the day with my unique thoughts at the end of the day.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial

The Prairie Chicken

April 28, 2011

As Casey Anthony's trial for the murder of her two year old daughter Caylee Marie approaches, the plan is to cover it daily. To be very clear, I believe Casey Anthony is guilty of callously killing her little girl; if my jaded comments will offend you, you might want to read elsewhere. They are all purely my own opinion.

Caylee would be five years old now, starting 1st grade in the fall. A beautiful little life was wasted because her selfish, self-centered mother didn't want to bother with her anymore. Because she hated her mother she refused to relinquish custody to her. As Casey Anthony's grandmother Shirley Pleasea said, "maybe she hated her mother more than she loved her daughter."

For the past several weeks, there have been daily court hearings where the defense attorneys are attempting to keep various damaging evidence from the trial. If there is a reasonable explanation for these items, why try to exclude evidence? Why not just explain?

I have to also say, if you are watching the pre-trial motions, notice Casey's demeanor. She is intelligent and right now she see's herself as an equal with her attorney's. Watch her at the defense table, fussing with her clothes and hair. Grinning at her lawyers as though they are in on a private joke. She is loving all the attention. The whole world is looking at her and she seems to be having the time of her life. Reality will set in once the prison doors lock behind her. I can't wait until it occurs to her that the attention is over and the prison is forever, and that no one really cares. She will be forgotten, as it should be.

We will see come May 9