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Monday, June 06, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 6-4-2011

The Prairie Chicken

June 4, 2011
Awilda McBride was the police officer who went to the tow yard to pick up the trash that had been thrown in the dumpster when George picked up the Pontiac, called to testify to fill a box.  They asked her if she smelled anything.  She didn’t.
It’s funny how Casey liked to present herself as a young woman who really had it together.  Single mother, Valencia student, employed in a great job.  Was there ever a time when she realized she could actually do those things?  But in lying, she claimed to have made achievements that she didn’t.  Her “graduation” for instance.  She was short a credit, wasn’t allowed to walk with her class, yet Cindy threw the party anyway.  Did that check a box for Casey?  Figured that was good enough.   Is there a name for that besides narcissistic? 

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