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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hasanni Campbell's foster dad remains chief suspect in disappearance

August 25, 2010
By Terry McSweeney and Alan Wang
OAKLAND, CA (KGO) -- One year ago 5-year-old Hasanni Campbell was first reported missing. Oakland police say the prime suspect is still the child's foster father, 39-year-old Louis Ross...
A year to the day after the child was reported missing by his foster father at a shoe store on College Avenue in Oakland, and after the distribution of more than 10,000 fliers with Hasanni's picture and heavy media coverage, there is no trace of the boy...
Ross failed an FBI polygraph. E-mails were discovered where Ross told the boy's foster mother he wanted to abandon the cerebral palsy victim at a BART station. Ross and Campbell were arrested for murder, then released for lack of evidence...
The couple had a child together and moved to Arizona where they broke up. Ross is now in Maryland, but Campbell is still in Arizona -- a single mother looking for a job...
A group of supporters still remain committed to finding Hasanni, Ross and Campbell have stopped talking to them and since being released from jail, they have made no effort to help find the boy themselves.
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update on Mitrice Richardson

The Prairie Chicken
August 15, 2010
Below is the 60-page internal review of the circumstances surrounding the arrest and release of Mitrice Richardson and LASD (Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept) response to her subsequent disappearance.

Los Angeles Office of Independent Review Report
It is filled with crap like the two tidbits below:
"...Inside her car, deputies found no money or credit cards that could be used to pay Ms. Richardson's restaurant bill. Without any means of paying her bill, the restaurant manager placed her under a private citizen's arrest and demanded that deputies take custody of her..."
"Without additional information as to whether or not deputies saw a cell phone in Ms Richardson's car, the facts surrounding Ms. Richardson's lack of access to her cell phone can not be more completely discussed at this point..."
It's a big long cover-your-ass report that is filled with denials and finger pointing (up to and including Mitrice's 91-year-old great grandmother.) Its 60 pages of "see, the deputies did nothing wrong, it was the restaurant, the family, the victim herself." Where is the line between doing nothing wrong and negligence?
I also ran across this web page for Geoffrey's Malibu and was quite interested in the review section. It has some current nasty comments regarding Mitrice, and then reading back for several years there are bad review after bad review, mostly about the snarky staff and manager. And food preparation and taste not in conjunction with the price.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mitrice Richardson's life comes to tragic end

Right: Mitrice Richardson

The Prairie Chicken
August 13, 2010
On Monday, August 9, a County employee looking for marijuana fields ready to
harvest found the skelatal remains of Mitrice Richardson in a brushy ravine reportedly 2 1/2 miles from where she was last seen in the Monte Nido neighborhood on Piuma Rd, off Cold Canyon Rd. She was positively identified through dental records.
Best regards to her family and friends.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Has Mitrice Richardson been found?

The Prairie Chicken
August 11, 2010

from examiner.com national

Bones found in Malibu Canyon may be linked to missing Los Angeles woman

On Monday, park rangers in a remote area of Malibu Canyon found what appeared to be human remains.

Authorities are now investigating the find and trying to determine if the bones found belong to missing Los Angeles woman Mitrice Richardson...

read entire article here

The Prairie Chicken
August 11, 2010

Unfortunately I feel that even though the found body has not been positively identified as Mitrice, she has been found.

The upcoming days will tell the tale, but I want to know where she was found. How far away from the back porch where she was last seen was her body?

In the last few weeks I was appalled that LA and Malibu 'officials' were playing up so hard the alleged sightings of Mitrice in Las Vegas. They ignored her father when he thought he saw her there early on, yet when a man she hadn't seen in years said he saw her, law enforcement behaved as though that solved the case!

Of course Mr. Richardson's report was made long before he and Matrices mother filed suit against the LA County for a barrage of offenses.

There is a deputy sheriff officer that knows exactly what happened to her, in my opinion.

If this is Mitrice, my heart goes out to her family, as it has since she disappeared. My wish is that they have the stamina and resources to hold the city of Malibu responsible to the very end.

I hope the Geoffrey's' staff feel their part of the responsibility. If they had accepted her Grandmothers credit card over the phone, none of this would have happened. I pay over the phone and Internet every day. Geoffrey's saw a black woman acting odd and their deep set prejudice kicked in. Do they realise that this woman would be alive right now if they had shown a little compassion and reason?

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