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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another foot found in Canada!

Right:  This old boot is NOT connected to this case.

Human Foot Found In Sasamat Lake, Canada

British Columbia has been riddled by eight human feet washing ashore in the province and another appendage was found on the shore of Sasamat Lake near Port Moody on Friday, The Vancouver Sun reports.
This is at least the ninth foot discovered in British Columbia since 2007...

Read entire article here: http://www.aol.com/2011/11/09/human-foot-found-in-sasam_n_1086014.html

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and: Two feet that washed ashore in B.C. identified from Seattlepi.com.

This one is a men’s size 12 black Cougar brand hiking boot, found November 7, 2011.  Authorities keep saying there is no sign of foul play.  Yeah?  Please, if my foot is ever detached from my leg, assume there HAS been foul play and work from there.