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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial

The Prairie Chicken

April 28, 2011

As Casey Anthony's trial for the murder of her two year old daughter Caylee Marie approaches, the plan is to cover it daily. To be very clear, I believe Casey Anthony is guilty of callously killing her little girl; if my jaded comments will offend you, you might want to read elsewhere. They are all purely my own opinion.

Caylee would be five years old now, starting 1st grade in the fall. A beautiful little life was wasted because her selfish, self-centered mother didn't want to bother with her anymore. Because she hated her mother she refused to relinquish custody to her. As Casey Anthony's grandmother Shirley Pleasea said, "maybe she hated her mother more than she loved her daughter."

For the past several weeks, there have been daily court hearings where the defense attorneys are attempting to keep various damaging evidence from the trial. If there is a reasonable explanation for these items, why try to exclude evidence? Why not just explain?

I have to also say, if you are watching the pre-trial motions, notice Casey's demeanor. She is intelligent and right now she see's herself as an equal with her attorney's. Watch her at the defense table, fussing with her clothes and hair. Grinning at her lawyers as though they are in on a private joke. She is loving all the attention. The whole world is looking at her and she seems to be having the time of her life. Reality will set in once the prison doors lock behind her. I can't wait until it occurs to her that the attention is over and the prison is forever, and that no one really cares. She will be forgotten, as it should be.

We will see come May 9