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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Drew Peterson bites the dust!

The Prairie Chicken
September 6, 2012

Everyone in the world knows by now that Drew Peterson was found guilty this afternoon of the 2004 1st degree murder of Kathleen Savio, his ex-wife.  All that's left is the number of years he gets to live in the penitentiary.  I find 60 a nice round number.

The verdict itself was not much of a surprise but you never know for sure, one has to ponder the state of the judicial system and the results of these "sensational" trials, the effect of the media scrutiny on the entire cast from the judge to the victim.  It's all a crap shoot. 

Peterson's team of attorneys will, no doubt, have years of work filing appeals, fighting the inclusion of Kathleen Savio's hearsay statements. 

The Bolingbrook folks can rest assured that Peterson won't be skulking around the neighborhood any time soon, and if he ever gets an opportunity to do so, he won't have a position of authority to back up his bullying.

Hopefully, the families of Kathleen Savio and Stacy Cales Peterson, 4th wife of Peterson who is currently missing, will be able to contact the children of their dear lost one, something that has not happened since shortly after Stacy's disappearance.  The children have had no contact with their mothers families.  Peterson's way of getting rid of them for good. 

Various news web sources have reported that Stephen, Peterson's son from his first marriage has been raising his four younger siblings, apparently with Peterson's police pension of $6,000 monthly, more or less.  That pension should be withdrawn, with Peterson's crime having been committed while he was an active Bolingbrook police officer.  Stephen himself was fired from the same police department several years ago, so he'd have to find a job.  Bar's always need bouncers. 

Then there is Peterson's oldest son Eric.  He has stayed far away from the spotlight and drama of his fathers world.  All I've read about him was a statement that he had no feeling either way about his father.  No love, no hate.  His privacy should definitely be respected, but I still have to wonder why.

So now remains the last piece of this whole ugly puzzle.  Where is Stacy Cales Peterson?  At least when she's found, Drew Peterson will be easy to find.