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Monday, October 01, 2018

Can't hold back

I have tried so very hard to refrain from political comments, especially because violence has actually  erupted between the liberals and conservatives.  No longer.

Trump is the worst person on earth, apparently, yet Redneck nation decided to make him a president.  Can anyone tell me what it is that his group of supporters could possibly think he would help them with?  In what way has he enriched anyone?  Oh yeah, that 1% who are making out like thieves.

Several books released as of late have opened up the world of the White house and given me a better understanding of who is who and in what jobs.  It's been a game of musical chairs in the oval office as everyone around trump jockeys for position.  Fire and Fury by Michael Wolf, and Fear by Bob Woodward.  Both excellent.

In Fire and Fury one can clearly see how Trump is easily manipulated by those around him through praise and flattery but when the conversation begins to be beyond his understanding his standard move is to act tough.  To hide the stupid. It has worked so far with his entourage.

Fear is so well written it read like a novel.  So much information that is terrifying, yet gave me hope that someone in DC is looking out for us.  Unfortunately the person running the show is a moron, an idiot, and has the intellect of a 5th or 6th grader, as told by his generals.

I want my country back, the US that helps other countries, that has strong allies and friendships.  I want Trump to resign.