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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Peterson's True Colors Slowing Shining Through

The Bolingbrook Sun
man says PETERSON broke his thumb
December 19, 2007
By JOE HOSEY Staff Writer

BOLINGBROOK -- Peterson says he wasn't even working when Timothy Brownlee's thumb was broken. Brownlee, 35, a barber working in Joliet, filed suit against Peterson and two other unidentified Bolingbrook cops, accusing them of excessive force, assault and battery, failure to intervene, false arrest, conspiracy, malicious prosecution and committing a hate crime.

The way Brownlee tells it, this tale of handbreak started innocently enough with a Memorial Day cookout he held at his home. "My next-door neighbor, he's really not a big fan of kids," Brownlee said, recalling how he cautioned children at his get-together to stay away from the neighbor while he went to the store to get cigarettes. By the time Brownlee returned, the police were at his house. An officer checked his identification and the police left after ordering everyone to "get along," Brownlee said.

But a half hour later, the police returned, Brownlee said, and accused him of misrepresenting his identity. They then took him into custody. "I had on my pajamas, some shower shoes and a tank top," Brownlee said of his attire when he was taken into custody.

On the way to the police station, Brownlee said the officer called him a nigger and told him he didn't belong in Bolingbrook. "He said when we get to the police station, he's going to kick my Ass," Brownlee said.

Alarmed, Brownlee tried to use his cell phone to call one of his two brothers who work as officers with the Chicago Police Department. The call went straight to voice mail, he said, but the cop driving the car heard him and said, "I think this guy's recording me."

Brownlee said he was hauled out of the squad car by the handcuffs. He was then taken to the station. There, he said, police took away his pajama pants and shower shoes, leaving him with nothing on but a tank top. He says police later returned his pajama pants but ordered him to walk barefoot out of his cell.

When he hesitated they set to beating him. "They drug me out," he said. "They were hollering, 'Stop resisting.' I said, 'I'm not resisting.' That's when Sgt. Peterson grabbed my thumb."

Prochut claims otherwise. "It was not Drew Peterson, and we have videotape evidence to back this up," the commander said. Deny, deny, deny..

The lawsuit says Brownlee was charged with obstructing justice and disorderly conduct and that the charges later were dropped.

Peterson's attorney, Joel Brodsky, said it was unlikely he would handle the civil matter for the embattled former police sergeant. But he did find the allegations consistent with others lodged against his client. "It's just another example of another debunked Elvis sighting," Brodsky said.

What reason did they really have to arrest this guy? This is harassment, plain and simple.

He's comparing himself to Elvis?

Drew Hires His Own PI

Criminy...this sure sounds like OJ, searching for Nicole's killer in every golf course he comes across, or Scott Peterson at the vigil for Laci, talking on the phone to Amber about the Eiffel Tower and cobblestones. Have I expressed my opinion that Drew Peterson is a creep? Here is another excerpt from the Bolingbrook Sun:

Search for Stacy moves on to new locales
December 20, 2007
By JOE HOSEY Staff Writer

BOLINGBROOK -- If Stacy Peterson is at the bottom of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, then that's where she is going to stay...as the search locates in another area.

Meanwhile, Stacy's husband, former cop Drew Peterson, has dispatched investigators of his own to solve the riddle of his wife's whereabouts. His attorney, Joel Brodsky, said he had a pair of private detectives working on the case. "We got some leads," Brodsky said of the results already achieved by his private investigators...

Investigator Mark Fuhrman, working on the behalf of the Fox News channel, has reported hearing from a source that Stacy woke the night before Savio was found dead and discovered a black-clad Drew Peterson stripping off his clothes and placing them in a washing machine.
"He also had a bag in his hand that he emptied that was women's clothes," Fuhrman said on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show.

"He looks at her and he starts telling her, 'In several hours, the police are going to be here, and they're going to ask a lot of questions. I'm going to tell you what to say. It will be a perfect crime.'"

Brodsky and Peterson deny the report. Deny, deny, deny....

Drew and his $200,000

Evidently Drew didn't know that if Stacy owned half of the house, as evidenced by her name being on the deed, that he has no right to keep her from anything concerning the house, at least until a court divides their assets. Of course, we all know his explanation as posted below is crap, because he has killed Stacy, knows she is not coming back, and gave the money to his son Steven to pay Drew's legal expenses once he is arrested. Here is an excerpt from the article in the Bolingbrook Sun:

Attorney: Drew kept $200K from Stacy
December 19, 2007
The Associated Press

CHICAGO -- Drew Peterson's lawyer acknowledged Tuesday that days after Peterson's wife disappeared, he transferred $200,000 into an account belonging to his adult son -- but only to keep the woman he says left him for another man from getting it.

"It's his life savings," said Joel Brodsky, explaining the money was the equity on the couple's Bolingbrook home. "He sits there and he goes, 'Wherever she's at, she can access this money. I can't have her taking this money.' So he takes the money and gives it to his son ... so she can't grab it out of the home equity line."

Brodsky said he was discussing the transfer to protect his client and offer an explanation for what he called potentially damaging information leaked to the media from a grand jury. The grand jury has been convened in the investigations of Stacy Peterson's disappearance in late October...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Search Site vs Interesting Nearby Bridge

After finding out the search site had moved, I perused the area being searched and found this bridge that I wonder about. Very close, could be within ping range. I keep thinking about Cassandra saying that she heard scraping noises when she called Drew at 11:30 p.m. Could it have been the container scraping on the bridge?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Timeline of Stacy Peterson disappearence

9:40 a.m.: Sharon Bychowski, on the way to the grocery store, saw both vehicles in driveway.

10:15 - 10:25: Bruce Zidarch called Stacy Peterson to talk about meeting to paint that day. She told him she was still in bed, but they made plans to meet. They hung up around 10:25 a.m.

10:25 - 11 a.m.: I believe that this is when Stacy died. If Ric Mims' account of comments from 13-year-old Kris Peterson are correct, Drew snapped her neck after she hung up the phone with Bruce. It makes sense to me that a phone call from a man, no matter who or for what reason, would set Drew off.

11 a.m.: Drew Peterson said he woke up and found Stacy gone. He told the Chicago Tribune and others that she had left (in a red jogging suit) to paint a home in Yorkville.

11:55 a.m.: Sharon returned from the store and saw only the Peterson's GMC Yukon Denali in the driveway. Stacy’s car was gone. She called the house to tell them she brought back candy suckers for the kids and Drew got on the phone after she asked for Stacy. Drew told Sharon that Stacy had gone to her grandfather’s to do errands for him. Sharon told him she had treats for the children and he said he would fix the kids some lunch and be over.

1 p.m.: Drew Peterson went next door with his children and told Sharon he had to run an errand. He said he would be back in 15 minutes, and he was. During that time Kris told Sharon he heard Drew and Stacy fighting that morning, and then he heard them not fighting.

1:00-1:15 p.m. My speculation--with kids next door at Sharon's, Drew put Stacy's body in a blue container.

1:15 Drew returned and collected the kids.

1:30 p.m.: Cassy began to try to call Stacy, and continued calling all day.

1:48 p.m.: Sharon called Stacy’s cell phone, and it went straight to voice mail.

Between 2:00-4:00: Drew called in to work as absent for next 5:00 pm Sunday shift. He stated he had no one to watch this children.

7:00 p.m.: Drew picked up Thomas at a park near his Edgehill Dr home.

7:37 p.m.: Drew and Tom entered a Krispy Kreme donut shop close to Drew's house, per surveillance tape.

8 p.m.: Drew left Tom at the donut shop with Drew’s cell phone, with orders not to answer it if it rang. Drew claimed to have left a message for Stacy Peterson telling her he was worried about her.

9 p.m.: Drew’s phone rang and Tom saw the name Stacy on the caller ID. The call went unanswered. Drew said Stacy called him at 9:00 and told him she was leaving him for another man.

9:21 p.m: Drew picked up Thomas and they left the Krispy Kreme, per surveillance tape.

Between 9:21 – 9:45 p.m. Upon request, Thomas helped Drew move a heavy blue container from the upstairs master bedroom to Drew’s SUV. Thomas said it was covered, sealed and warm to the touch. Drew gave Thomas $2,000 for his help.

9:45 p.m.: Drew took Thomas back to his Edgehill Dr home.

10:00 p.m. Thomas immediately confided in neighbor Walter Martineck that he believed he had just helped Drew move Stacy’s body. (note: Stacy had not yet been reported missing!)

11 p.m.: Cales went to the Peterson's home and said neither car was in the driveway. She knocked on the door, and Kris told her Stacy and Drew had a big fight that morning and that neither of them were there. Kris told Cassy something else that she is telling only law enforcement.

11:26 p.m.: Cales called family friend Pam Bosco for advice; she told her to call Drew’s cell. (This piece of advice may help police find Stacy's body from the cell phone ping. Hugs to Pam.)

11:35 p.m: Cales called Drew. She said when he answered she heard scraping noises and the jiggle of keys. She said he sounds flustered, out of breath. She said, "Where are you?" and he said, "I’m at home", continuing that he’d been out looking for Stacy. Cassy and Bruce were in the Meijers parking lot, having just driving by his house and knew he was NOT at home.

11:45-2:00 a.m.: Cassy and Bruce tried to report Stacy missing at Downers Grove PD, where they were told to report it to Bolingbrook PD. At Bolingbrook PD, they told her to drive by Drew's again and see who was there. (...to serve and protect...)

2:30 a.m.: Cales and her friend Bruce Zidarich drove by the Peterson's home and said both cars were in the driveway. Bruce called Drew and said, "Where’s Stacy?” Drew said, "She’s left me. The car was at the whatchamacallit." Bruce asked, "What’s the whatchamacallit?" Drew said, "Wait a second, let me get my head on straight." Then he said, "She left the car at the airport and she took $25, 000, and was going to either Jamaica or the Bahamas.”

4 a.m.: Cales reported Stacy Peterson missing to Illinois State Police.

IF Stacy was killed between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m., she would have had to have been put in a container by 1:30 or 2:00. This would explain his "errand", when he left the kids with Sharon from 1:00 to 1:15. Sharon has not said specifically that he drove away. I say this because rigor mortis would begin to set in after about 3 hours, rendering her body almost impossible to move for at least a couple of days.

Also, when Thomas says the box was warm, it's my opinion that the box had been close to a heating vent, because at 9:30 in the evening, 11 hours would have passed from the time of her death and her body would have cooled to room temp.

Stacy's car was driven away between 9:40 and 11:55 a.m on Sunday, Oct. 28. It was driven BACK to the house between 11:35 p.m Sunday night and 2:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Thomas wasted no time confiding in his friend that he thought Stacy was dead, and Cassy wasted no time reporting her missing. Both of these facts must have surprised Drew.

New Search 135th canal bridge, west of New Ave

I took the weekend off and the search moved. Check out the new location. I hope they will provide a live feed--slow, but interesting. The Peterson house and the 135th/Romeo Rd bridge are 6.5 miles and approximately 18 minutes apart.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Savio's house in relation to Peterson's house

As you can see, Drew had about a block and 1/2 to get to Kitty's house, and then back.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Smith Inquiry postponed to January 28, 2008

Magistrate William Campbell ruled there were too many scheduling conflicts between witnesses and attorneys at the inquest and adjourned the inquest until January 28.

Daniel Wayne Smith, 1986-2006

Daniel Wayne Smith was born Jan. 22, 1986, in Mexia, Limestone County, Texas. His mother was 17 and working as a waitress at Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken. She had married the cook at the restaurant, Billy Wayne Smith, on April 4, 1985, he was 17 too. They separated a year later and divorced in 1993.

Anna Nicole and Daniel lived with her mother, Virgie, for the first six years of his life while his mother worked in various strip clubs in the Houston area. It wasn't until Anna Nicole found success as a model (and J Howard Marshall) that Anna had a house of her own and brought Daniel to live with her. Anna married Marshall in 1994 and they lived on an estate outside of Houston.

Daniel spent his school years in a series of private schools. After Marshall’s death in 1996, Danny and his mother settled in California to be close to modeling and acting opportunities. He also had small parts in some of his mother's films playing a ring bearer in 1995's "To the Limit" and Billy Ray in "Skyscraper."

When Daniel was 16, his mother became the star of a reality television show called "The Anna Nicole Show" and he was a recurring character. He was a sweet, quiet and shy young man, seeming to be embarrassed by the TV show. The makeup artist on the show, who spoke affectionately about Danny, remembers that Anna Nicole was often worried that the camera crews were upsetting him.

Daniel attended classes at Valley College in the summer of 2006. "I didn't know him," said student Christina Corigliano, who was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight. "I saw him a few times going to class and I thought he was cute."

It has been reported that the Daniel was taking antidepressants for depression related to a girl; however, reports from a private detective that Danny spoke to but did not hire, and Ray Martino, whom Danny lived with just prior to his death, indicate that Danny was anxious and depressed over the hold that Howard K Stern had over his mother, and he was worried about her safety.

Daniel Wayne Smith died September 10, 2006, at Doctor’s Hospital, Nassau, Bahamas.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Updated Witness List, by day of Testimony

Testimony Nov 19, 2007

1. Albury St. Louis
Inspector Royal Bahamas Police Force’s Criminal Records Office.
Took 6 official photos of Danny before autopsy, noting pinkish reddish abrasions on his body on pelvic and upper shoulder area; collected swabs, hair, etc.

2. Marva Gibson
Immigration officer at Nassau International airport.
Testified Danny, at 9 pm, September 9, 2006 was quiet, conservative, cooperative and helpful regarding visa/immigration paperwork.

3. Howard K Stern
Decedent's mothers lawyer/ person who seems to have had control over Anna for several years.
Testified as to when he met Anna, that Anna and Danny were emotionally close, that he had identified Danny at the morgue; verified that dead man in 6 photos Danny.

4. Dr Reginald Neymour
Anesthesiologist at Doctors' hospital.
He told the court that he met another doctor performing chest compressions, started oxygen, placed an endo-tracheal tube into windpipe and IV into his left hand for medicine designed to start the heartbeat and increase blood pressure. To no avail.

5. Dr. Iferenta
Emergency doctor on duty.
Explains 10 person emergency team at Drs Hosp, and that Anna freaked out at the scene.
Note: Dr. Iferenta stated in the initial police report that of all the procedures used to resuscitate Daniel, none would leave the abrasions noted on his body at the time of death.

6. Dr. Caroline Burnett
Princess Margaret Hospital Employee.
Testified that she pronounced Smith dead at the Princess Margaret Hospital when the funeral home brought the body in to be "tagged."

Testimony Nov 20, 2007

7. Francis Woodside
Nursing Assistant
Francis testified that Daniel Smith was sleeping in the same bed as his mother, while her attorney, Howard K. Stern, slept in the other, at about 6:00 a.m., which was 3 hours and 40 minutes before a hospital-wide alarm that he had been found unconscious. Woodside noted nothing unusual in the room except the sleeping arrangements. "We don't usually have that happen, patients sleeping in the bed with relatives." Note: This contradicts Stern, who tried repeatedly to say that Daniel had been sleeping in the other bed, where the loose pills were found.

8. Janice Knowles
Janice testified that she did not notice anything wrong with Smith before medical personnel found him not breathing and with no pulse at about 9:40 a.m.

9. Mavis Davis
Mavis testified that she did not notice anything wrong with Smith before medical personnel found him unconscience at 9:40 a.m.

10. Nadine Carey
Testified that she found two round tablets on the bed that hospital employees previously said was occupied by Stern. She did not say what kind of pills they were, only that they were turned over to senior nursing staff. Note: Ms Carey was quoted immediately after Daniels death as saying that she recognized the pills as one soma and one methadone tablet.

11. Catriona McGaggart
Said that Anna Nicole Smith was crying hysterically as medical personnel frantically tried to revive her son after his collapse. Note: Initially said she heard Anna Nicole crying out "you did this."

Testimony Dec 10, 2007 Monday

12. Govinda Raju
Eight drugs were found during autopsy, five administered during attempt of life saving procedures, Daniel having a prescription for one, Lexapro an antidepressant. Raju testified that the fatal dose methadone was ingested between 2:00-5:00 a.m., Sept 10. Raju further added that as a result, Smith's respiratory system collapsed and he had a cardiac arrest. Note: Dr Raju contradicts Dr Iferenta by stating that the abrasions on Danniels body COULD be due to the medical staff's attempts to revive him.

13. Carolyn Nairn
Patient in room 202.
Testified that she heard a lot of commotion coming from the room next door to her - Anna Nicole's room 201 - and a female crying and screaming, "my baby boy." Note: Immediately after his death, Ms Nairn said that she heard Anna Nicole repeatedly crying out "you did this!"

Note: During the time Anna Nicole was crying hysterically, Stern had begun to take photo's.

14. Dr. Charles Diggis
Surgeon Chief Medical Examiner.
Testified as to and explained the “Code Blue” procedure at Doctor’s Hospital.

15. Corporal Addie Findley
One of the first police officers on the scene at Doctors Hospital.

Monday December 11, 2007

16. Quinn McCartney
Bahama Police Forensic Chief Superintendent.
Testifies that Daniel had 10 times the lethal dose of methadone in his system, and that it COULD have been in his system when he arrived. Note: Author not clear on whether he meant arrived in Nassau or Drs Hosp.

17. Frederick Taylor
Bahamas Police Inspector.
Testifies that Shane Gibson, former Immigration Minister, was at the hospital when Taylor and other officers arrived. Note: It was Shane Gibson who fast tracked Anna's application for permanent residency, and lost his job when photo's of himself and Anna romping were made public.

Wednesday December 12, 2007

Magistrate William Campbell ruled there were too many scheduling conflicts between witnesses and attorneys at the inquest and adjourned the inquest until January 28.

Daniel Smith Had Eight Drugs in System, December 11, 2007


The 20-year-old son of former Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith died of a "lethal" combination of prescription and non-prescription drugs, a coroner’s inquest heard Monday.

The inquest into the death of Daniel Smith resumed with testimony from Dr. Govinda Raju, a consultant forensic pathologist at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The doctor told the court that a toxicology report showed that the deceased had a total of eight different drugs in his system at the time of his death on September 10, 2006.

Dr. Raju based his findings on two U.S. toxicology reports, which he said tested Smith’s blood and urine samples.

The court heard that the eight drugs found in Smith’s system included five prescription drugs, one over-the-counter drug and two drugs doctors would have used in their attempt to revive the young man after he was found unconscious on a bed in his mother’s hospital room.

Ms. Smith had just given birth three days prior to Daniel’s sister, Dannielynn.

According to Dr. Raju, Daniel Smith could have died between four to six hours after the lethal combination entered his system.

He further told the court that five of the drugs found in Smith’s system were depressants and three were stimulants.

Dr Raju explained that the most lethal combination included Zoloft, Methadone – which is used in the treatment of heroine addicts – and Lexapro.

However, Wayne Munroe, the attorney representing Howard K. Stern, Ms. Smith’s companion, said Daniel was known to have back pains and suffered from depression.

Mr. Munroe insisted that Dr. Raju could not say what drugs were prescribed to Smith, as he could only base his comment on police reports.

Mr. Munroe further noted that all of the drugs found in Smith’s system were either painkillers or ones used to treat the depression.

Also taking the witness stand Monday was Caroline Nairn, who stayed in the hospital room next to Ms. Smith and testified that she heard a lady’s voice "in a panic state crying, shouting, screaming, ‘Oh my baby boy.’"

Also testifying was Dr. Charles Diggis, a surgeon and Chief Medical Officer at Doctors Hospital, who gave testimony about standard code blue procedures.

Also taking the witness stand was Corporal Addie Findley. The policeman and his partner were the first two officers to arrive on the scene.

Calling the witnesses to the stand is Neil Braithwaite, senior counsel in the Attorney General’s Office. Darnell Dorsette is assisting him.

The inquest is expected to last up to Wednesday.
Mr. Braithwaite told the court that four witnesses are no longer in the jurisdiction.
Approximately, 19 more witnesses are expected to take the stand.

Daniel Wayne Smith Inquest, Dec 10, 2007 Witnesses

12. Govinda Raju
Eight drugs were found during autopsy, five administered during attempt of life saving procedures, Daniel having a prescription for one, Lexapro an antidepressant. Raju testified that the fatal dose of Zoloft and methadone were ingested between 2:00-5:00 a.m., Sept 10. Raju further added that as a result, Smith's respiratory system collapsed and he had a cardiac arrest.

13. Carolyn Nairn
Patient in room 202
Testified that she heard a lot of commotion coming from the room next door to her - Anna Nicole's room 201 - and a female crying and screaming, "My baby boy."

Daniel Wayne Smith Inquest, Dec 10, 2007

By INDERIA SAUNDERS, Guardian Staff Reporter, inderia@nasguard.com

Only one of eight drugs that an examiner found during an autopsy of Daniel Smith's body was actually prescribed for the 20-year-old at the time of his death, pathologist Govinda Raju told jury members yesterday.

Facing a courtroom of onlookers at Monday's resumed inquest into the death of the late Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith's son, Raju said it was his belief that the lethal combination of drugs had been consumed anywhere from four to six hours before his death on September 10, 2006.

According to the pathologist, five of the drugs in Smith's system were prescribed medications and three were most likely given to Smith during the medical intervention to resuscitate him. He said the three most lethal drugs - Methadone, Lexapro and Zoloft - were at significantly high levels, even though only Lexapro was prescribed.

Raju further added that as a result, Smith's respiratory system collapsed and he had a cardiac arrest.

"All of these things happened because of the lethal combination of drugs," he stated clearly to the courtroom. And upon hearing these details, Virgie Arthur, Smith's maternal grandmother, started crying quietly to herself.

Additionally, he testified that a number of abrasions and puncture wounds were found on Smith's body on his left shoulder, right upper chest, back and his upper hip areas. But Raju said there were not any signs of violence to Smith's body.

He pointed out that Smith could have received many of the injuries during the medical staff's hasty attempts to revive him from his unconscious state.

Wayne Munroe, the attorney for Anna Nicole's estate, made a point during his cross examination in asking the pathologist whether the drugs were taken simultaneously or were taken over a period of time and left some traces behind. Raju said the only way to answer that would have been to monitor Smith's ability to carry out his daily activities.

Munroe also asked if the other medications found in Smith's system could have been used for his diagnosed depression or constant back pains, which Munroe claimed Smith had complained of a numerous times. To which Raju answered: "Yes."

Carolyn Nairn, a patient in room 202 on the day of Smith's death, testified that she heard a lot of commotion coming from the room next door to her - Anna Nicole's room 201 - and a female crying and screaming, "My baby boy." Smith died while visiting his mother and newborn sister in Doctors Hospital.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bolingbrook places of interest

Bolingbrook birds-eye view

Here you can see that Drew drove quite a ways to pick up Tom, then brought him all the way back to the Krispy Kreme in Drew's own neighborhood. Well thought out, on the cell phone pings.