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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update on Mitrice Richardson

The Prairie Chicken
August 15, 2010
Below is the 60-page internal review of the circumstances surrounding the arrest and release of Mitrice Richardson and LASD (Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept) response to her subsequent disappearance.

Los Angeles Office of Independent Review Report
It is filled with crap like the two tidbits below:
"...Inside her car, deputies found no money or credit cards that could be used to pay Ms. Richardson's restaurant bill. Without any means of paying her bill, the restaurant manager placed her under a private citizen's arrest and demanded that deputies take custody of her..."
"Without additional information as to whether or not deputies saw a cell phone in Ms Richardson's car, the facts surrounding Ms. Richardson's lack of access to her cell phone can not be more completely discussed at this point..."
It's a big long cover-your-ass report that is filled with denials and finger pointing (up to and including Mitrice's 91-year-old great grandmother.) Its 60 pages of "see, the deputies did nothing wrong, it was the restaurant, the family, the victim herself." Where is the line between doing nothing wrong and negligence?
I also ran across this web page for Geoffrey's Malibu and was quite interested in the review section. It has some current nasty comments regarding Mitrice, and then reading back for several years there are bad review after bad review, mostly about the snarky staff and manager. And food preparation and taste not in conjunction with the price.
Also Read the lastest news reports:

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