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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-31-2011

Cindy Anthony Tuesday, May 31
Photo from Orlando Sentinel.com

The Prairie Chicken
May 31, 2011,
On Tuesday, Cindy Anthony took the stand and relived the afternoon and night of July 15, 2008, through the infamous 911 calls to the Orange County Sheriffs Office.  Cindy continued telling the story in chronological order, laying out the details of all the lies Casey told her; telling about the intricate details Casey came up with, not only with her imaginary friends, but giving each character family members, pets, jobs, physical descriptions, what they supposedly drove, where they lived.  Gave them background stories.    While Cindy cried throughout her testimony, during the third taped 911 call, the one where she says the car smells like there has been a dead body in the damn car, she had what appeared to be a close to total breakdown.  It was agonizing to watch the degree of suffering that was plain to see (I admit I cried with her for a minute), and what made it all the more eerie was the cold calm demeanor that Casey displayed during her mothers testimony.  After the hissy fit she threw on May 28, she was quite stoic, like finally her meds kicked in. 

Amy Huizenga ended the days questioning with her account of Casey’s lies.  This was a different Amy than I expected although all I had seen of her before was through the party pictures that Casey had taken.  After Cindy’s drama in the morning, Amy’s testimony was almost mundane, and will continue tomorrow.

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