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Monday, May 30, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-28-2011

The Prairie Chicken

May 28, 2011

Saturday morning, Tony Lazzaro began the day with more testimony, this time describing his last week or so with Casey.  The intimate (sexting) messages between him and Casey were edited by Judge Perry as irrelevant (and would only have caused Lazzaro more embarrassment.)  Lazzaro said in text messages on July 17 she told him Caylee was with a psycho nanny, even then carrying on the lies.   He testified about the phone calls and text messages between the two after Casey’s lies had been exposed on July 15 and ended by expressing how angry, hurt and humiliated he felt by her betrayal.  Casey remained mostly stoic throughout his stint on the stand, dabbing at imaginary tears occasionally. 
Cindy Anthony was then sworn in.  She asked to bring her water and then asked to have the large photo of Caylee taken down to try to keep from crying.  At least she wasn’t chewing gum this time.  Much of her testimony involved the layout of the house, how many doors led outside, whether the doors were kept locked.  After the story of Caylee’s birth and living arrangements, she began with the events of Fathers Day, June 15, 2008, the last day she spent with Caylee when the pair went to visit Cindy’s parents in Mt Dora.  (Reference video of Caylee singing “You are my sunshine.”)  She went day by day describing each lie Casey had told.  Now this was truly “amazing”, the intricate detail that Casey came up with about the trip to Tampa with her imaginary friends, the terrible car accident, the grueling imaginary work schedule, the trip to Jacksonville the imaginary boyfriend and all his kin.  Cindy laid it all out to the first break called by Judge Perry.

This is where it became interesting.  Cindy walked past the defense table without a glance.  Casey stared after her and when she saw George embrace Cindy at the back of the courtroom, Casey threw a real hissy fit.  One of her attorneys Dorothy Clay Sims, tried to comfort her but she was pissed.  While I cannot read lips, after viewing the video several times, some of her words I made out were, “she’s had three years and nothing…”, “she said she would stand by me…”, and then many more short spurts began with “she” but I lost the rest.  Obviously Casey was expecting something entirely different than the truth.  Wow.  Well, we have two days to think about this. 

Cindy returned to the stand, Casey still sniffling, Cindy more composed.  She cried periodically at pictures of Caylee, or special memories she spoke of.  Her testimony continued about Casey’s stories during the 31 days in question, until court was finally dismissed until Tuesday at 9:00.
Do you think Casey is acting?  What with shaking her head when George testified denying he ever molested her and now this temper tantrum thrown at her mother.  Could she be schizophrenic as well as a narcissistic sociopath?


Anonymous said...

I have listened to the trial as I go through my work day, thanks to CNNLIVE. Im not so sure I even understand where the defense is going. I am not attracted to the line of questioning that the defense goes with or the way he tries to trip those testifying.. I just don't think we have heard it all yet. I think there are still some things hiding... interested in the outcome...

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your timeline is so helpful!! Thanks so much for keeping us updated.

Janet said...