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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-26-2011

The Prairie Chicken
May 26, 2011
As we knew from the end of yesterday’s testimony, Tony Lazzaro was back on the stand.  His description of Caylee and her relationship with her mother Casey was given with what seemed to be fond but sad memories of the little girl.  He acknowledged that he had told Casey he loved her, and she had avowed the same to him. 

Without the jury in court Lazzaro gave a statement about abuse Casey allegedly told him about which involved her brother Lee trying to “feel her up” in the chest area, and that her father had “hit” on her a lot.  He said that he took what Casey told him of her father's actions to be discipline and not abuse.

The statement was taped to be used if the proper foundation is later made to enter that testimony and so that Lazzaro will not have to return if and when that happens.  Judge Perry will make that determination.

It is almost painful watching Baez fumble his way through defense questioning.  It is hard to follow where he is going or what he wants to elicit.  As I wrote yesterday, Baez does not seem to understand the rules of admission of evidence and building foundation.  He is building a great case for Casey to win another trial—ineffective counsel. 

George was back on the hot seat this morning, recalled by Baez, and badgered ruthlessly about the gas cans Casey had stolen from his shed.  George admitted that he had placed the duct tape on the round gas can after he got them back from Casey because the cap was missing and he didn’t want gas fumes in the shed.  It almost appears that Baez was nipping at George to get him to show his temper. 

Baez asked George Anthony to fill in dates on a large calendar with a dry marker, to record the dates that Caylee was reported missing and the date that the gas can incident occurred.  It seems like a rather elaborate little game that had no reason or benefit for either side.  By the end of George's testimony today it seems Baez was beating around the bush as to why George would call the police about stolen gas knowing Casey probably stole it, but never questioned where Caylee was for a month--never called the police about that.  Pointless and unnecessary. 

Morales followed George on the witness stand.  Now married with one child and living in Illinois, he said he worked at a car dealership when Casey stayed with him.  He met her in June 2007, they started being a couple in February 2008, and the relationship was over by the middle of April, 2008.  During the time of February through April, Morales said that Casey stayed overnight with him four to five times per week and that Caylee was always with her. 

One picture showing a bruise under Caylee’s left eye had been objected to prior to trial, the defense claiming that would prejudice the jury, allowing them to believe the bruise was a result of abuse.  Prosecution sneaked it in by asking Morales to identify it as a photo simply showing Casey and Caylee in his bedroom.  It was allowed with admonition from Judge Perry that the bruise, as verified by several sources, was simply a toddler mishap, not abuse.

Morales also reported that Casey had confided in him that she had allegedly been abused by her brother. 

Morales said that June 10 was the last time he ever saw Caylee, when she left his apartment with Casey that morning.  In August of 2008 he sold pictures of Caylee to Globe rag magazine for $4 thousand dollars. 

Baez then (with great difficulty) entered the photo, “win her over with chloroform,” that was taken from Morales’ My Space site.  He replied that it was simply a joke he had downloaded from a humor site. 

Other witnesses of the day included Melissa England, the girlfriend of Troy Brown, a parking valet in downtown Orlando and roommate of Amy Huizenga.  England described her as friendly and engaging and showed no sign of distress over a missing daughter when she met her at around the first of July, 2008.  She witnessed Casey on her cell phone give an elaborate excuse about why she couldn’t hang with her friends, then hung up and said, 'Oh my God, I'm such a good liar."

Troy Brown then took the stand, followed by Iassen Donov, and Donte Salati, Christopher Stutz, and Matthew Crisp.  The questioning followed the same each time, was Casey a loving mother, a kind mother, did you ever see her hit Caylee or neglect her.  And each stated they saw no abuse and had no knowledge of what happened to the little girl.  All agreed that there was no sign of stress or panic or even concern about Caylee’s whereabouts between June 16 and July 15, 2008.  Another round of checking boxes of anyone who ever knew Casey, in my opinion.  Nothing really substantial.

Casey managed some tears during Lazzaro's testimony, then hardened to hard-ball stage again once her father took the stand.  Melissa England looked beautiful dressed nicely, hair clean and styled, flawless makeup.  This has got to be killing Casey.  She is now seeing the life she really threw away, it is occuring to her that life has moved on while she sits her pasty butt in jail.  You know she wants to know who Ricardo Morales married.  When he had a child.  Did he marry Amy?  Tony and his friends are well on their way to having careers in music and entertainment.  And Casey is going nowhere.

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