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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jordan Brown gets another chance at juvenile court

The Prairie Chicken
May 28, 2011

Jordan A Brown, Wampum, Pennsylvania, the now 13 year old who allegedly shot his fathers fiancee, Kenzie Houk in the back of the head two years ago, will be given another chance to have his case tried in juvenile court instead of the adult court system.  Her unborn baby died as a result of her death.

Pennsylvania law allows persons age 11 and above to be tried in adult court for murder charges.  Under certain circumstances the case can be referred to juvenile court, one stipulation being the defendant admits his/her guilt.  In this case, Jordan Brown has denied killing his future step-mother, causing the judge hearing the case to refuse to reassign the court. 

Brown’s attorney, Lourdes Rosado has filed an appeal that Brown was denied his constitutional rights against self-incrimination by being tried in adult court unless there is a confession.

Jordan Brown Hearing goes to Common Pleas Court

Another Chance for Jordan Brown

No go! Jordan Brown, 12, To Be Tried As Adult For Murder  


Anonymous said...

Hello, I find your blog interesting, especially your information regarding Casey Anthony! I'm watching her case everyday.

Janet said...

thank you very much. feel free to leave comments. I like to know what others are thinking about the case.