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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 5-27-2011

The Prairie Chicken
May 27,2011

Friday morning testimony began with Mallory Parker, girlfriend/fiancée of Casey’s brother Lee Anthony.  I’ll admit my disappointment right away.  She had been so quiet and out-of-sight during these long three years and I had hoped she would have some valuable input on something.  Anything.  According to Parker, Casey was a wonderful, balanced mother to Caylee, which indicates she was either not around much, or she wants to marry into this kooky family so badly she will say anything Lee expects her to say.  There is always the possibility that Parker genuinely thought Casey and Caylee had a great relationship.  In this case, anything is possible.  At the end of her testimony, Baez asked Parker to describe the relationship and Parker replied, “Amazing…”  If I’m not mistaken, that is the same thing Scott Peterson said about his wife Lacey after he had murdered her and dumped her in the bay. 
William Waters was called next and his testimony was short and sweet, much like his time spent with Casey Anthony.  A friend of Amy Huizenga, William met Casey at the July 4 party (reference the pic’s of Casey ‘dressed’ in the US flag.)  She spent the night with him, left in the morning then came back and spent the afternoon of July 5.  Apparently just a meaningless hookup, but interesting in that she was supposedly madly in love with Tony Lazzaro at the time (Tony was visiting his home in NY.) She was probably called as a state witness just to validate what a skank she was.

Catherine Sanchez testified to the days that Casey’s car was in the Amscot parking lot, and that she had called to have it towed.

Simon Birch was then called to the stand, he is the manager of the company that towed Casey’s car on June 30 and held it in their yard until the Anthony’s came to get it. Birch testified that he escorted George Anthony to the car and experienced smelling a horrendous odor emanating from the interior and trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire.  He witnessed the circular discoloration on the floor of the trunk and it was he who threw away the bag of trash that they found there. 
George Anthony returned to the stand for the 3rd time after Simon Birch.  Prosecution and Defense walked him through the same story that Simon Birch had just told, about picking up the Pontiac from the tow yard  and smelling the smell of death.  Baez uses a very irritating tone when he questions George, really trying to  make the jury see him as a bad guy, wants to know why HE didn’t call police after he smelled death in the car. Badgering is the only word that fits, picking and poking and asking the same question over and over.  Baez accuses George Anthony of distancing himself from evidence. 
Back at the Defense table, Baez and Casey appear to have an animated argument.  Coming just after Georges testimony, one might be led to think Casey objected to Baez treatment of her father, but who knows.  Maybe she wanted chicken for lunch and all she got was crow. 

To end the day, Tony Lazzaro was recalled to the stand again, speaking more about his time with Casey, what they did, where they went, what they said, yadda, yadda.

If I recall correctly, Lazzaro told the court on his first day of his testimony that returning to court would be a hardship, because he now lives in Ft Pierce, Florida.  Still, this is the third appearance and it looks like he will be first up tomorrow, Saturday.  Until then…

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