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Monday, June 06, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 6-3-2011

The Prairie Chicken

June 3, 2011
On Friday, more video tapes of jail conversations were played.   The first was Casey with both George and Cindy.   She behaved rather well on August 3, telling her parents that she missed them and wanted to come home.  She said that keeping her there wasn’t helping anything—and seemed to think they could bail her out.

Another video was played of conversation between Casey and Lee.  He was doing his own private investigation and really wanted Casey to understand what her rights were—questioning her about  how she hooked up with Jose Baez and indicating that Lee did not trust Baez. 
Next the video was played when George had gone to visit Casey by himself.  As I said before, what she wanted was for mom and dad to come up with $50k to bail her out.  She was sooo sweet to him, fawning and telling him he was a terrific Dad and wonderful Grandpa.  She repeated several times that she wanted to be there (home) when Caylee came home.   It seemed to me that her demeanor changed a bit after he told her they couldn’t come up with that kind of money.  A little colder.  I don’t suppose it has ever occurred to her that if she hadn’t run up 45K in credit card charges, they may have been able to help her.

Another video of Casey with Cindy and George during an August 14 visit shows Casey still trying to sniff out money.  Never anything about Caylee.  This is the one where she throws her little hissy fit

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