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Friday, June 03, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial 6-2-2011

The Prairie Chicken
June 2, 2011

This morning we heard from Jeff Hopkins, the character who played on and off boyfriend in Casey’s imaginary world.  Hopkins testified that he knew Casey from middle school and did actually work at Universal Orlando at one point.  He said the last time he worked at Universal was in 2002—not with Anthony and six years before Caylee disappeared.   Before this all came down Lee overheard Casey talking to her mother about Jeff Hopkins and Lee said he knew him from high school.  Not missing a beat, Casey said it was Jeffrey Michael Hopkins, not the one Lee knew.  Hopkins testified he's never dated Anthony, doesn't have a son and has never lived in Jacksonville, as Anthony claimed of the Hopkins she spoke of.   So I guess that eliminates the deceased wife, the little boy Zachary and the mother Jules, who incidentally was just married in an impromptu ceremony at the the hospital chapel where she is undergoing cancer treatment.   Easy come, easy go. 
Yuri Melich was recalled to the witness  box.  He testified about the morning of July 16, 2008 when Melich and entourage escorted Casey to Universal Studio’s because Casey thought she might have information in her desk, in her office.  OSCO had spoken with security explaining the situation and security verified there was no Tom Manly, her manager, or Juliet Lewis, her work bff, and security had allowed them to enter the park because of the situation.   Walking and  talking confidently , Casey led them through the gate and into a building, down the hall when she finally admitted she did not work there.  Melich and another detective Appy something, borrowed a conference room right in that building and the interview was audio taped.  On the tape, Melich confronted Casey about all the stories and gave her a good tongue lashing.  The Defense had nothing to say. 
Leonard Turtora followed Melich.  He was the Universal Orlando Supervisor  who escorted Casey and Orange County Sheriff detectives around the park when Casey claimed she worked there, and then later admitted that she didn't.  Turtora stated that Casey actually did work for Kodak but was terminated when Colorvision replaced Kodak and Casey didn’t apply for a job with the new company.  He also verified that Casey’s imaginary friends did not work there either.
For the rest of the day, Casey’s jail house visitor tapes were played, her visits with Lee and her parents back when she still thought she could get something from them.  There were four or five, which lasted the afternoon.  They were the tapes that have played endlessly on the news for long these three years.  They only accentuate how manipulative she is. 

That wrapped it  up.  The jury offered to stay over 10-15 minutes to finish watching the last video.  These people are serious.   I wonder if they are put up somewhere swanky.  Or at least very nice.  It would be my luck I’d be sequestered in a no-tell motel with a crusty bedspread and wet carpet.

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