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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial--the defense rests--6-30-2011

The Prairie Chicken
June 30, 2011

This afternoon the trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony on June 16, 2008 entered the next step of closing arguments, when defense rested their case in the afternoon session. 

It would probably be better for Drane Burdick to present closing arguments for the prosecutions instead of Ashton.  While I did see Drane Burdick po'd a couple of times, when Cindy was blatantly lying, contradicting herself and trying to manipulate with that smarmy look she gets, Ashton clearly lets Baez get under his skin. You can tell he'd like to pop him in the nose.

One problem I had from early on was that George, Cindy and Lee were allowed to remain in the court room when they were witnesses themselves.   Sure they could have sat at home and watched it all on tru.tv and HLN like I did, but Cindy so obviously changed her story.  Lied.  There I said it. 

Dr. Vass impressed me.  And Dr. G.  He was the head guy at the Tennessee body farm.  She's a famous medical examiner with a TV show.  It has to be a very unique kind of person who would choose death for a career.  they are needed...just sayin', but anyway...  They knew their stuff and were very interested in their work, excited for the chance to share their knowledge.  His testimony reflected the most recent findings and publishing.  In contrast, Baez brought in a bevy of "expert" witnesses who were, I don't know.  Inexperienced?  Only partly informed?  Paid to read the script? (Dr. Werner Spitz--$5000 per day to say whatever you want--that's pathetic)

Was there any reason to subpoena Crystal Holloway?  Was that just one final jab at George's character?

What really frustrates me is, having followed this case so closely for three years, there are sooo many things not brought forward.  And what scares me is the very small amount that was actually presented to the jury.  That has to be a hard job--prosecutor--to sort out the most important issues and present them in a clear enough progression that 12 peeps can all make sense of.  Baez makes defense look simple.  Delay, whine, postpone, lie.  Maybe he has written a closing argument that will draw all this together to somehow match his opening statements.  Ya reckon?

What are your thoughts on the trial?


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