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Friday, July 01, 2011

Casey Anthony murder trial--rebuttal witnesses--7-1-2011

The Prairie Chicken
July 1, 2011

Sitting back, thinking about the Anthony trial this past month, it is amazing how fast time has gone by, what with it being so long.  I'm afraid that little Caylee Marie, shown here at right, just a little girly-girl, is getting lost in all the garbage (no pun intended).
There were the real nuts in the gallery.  The crazy lady who yelled out in the courtroom concerning Casey’s guilt, had a total meltdown when facing Judge Perry, and spent one or two nights in the clink.  Then just this week some arrogant little pip-squeak with a crush on Casey was photographed covering a yawn with his hands and ending with one finger giving prosecutor Ashton the bird.  Why?  Six days in jail and $660 something in fines and court costs.  Did it really seem like a good idea at the time?  Really? 

How about the difference between Dr G’s testimony and that of Warner Spitz about the autopsy procedure, and Spitz calling G’s work shoddy because she had not sawed the top off of an empty skull.   To me, those are fightin’ words.  When you follow these high profile crimes, you’ll usually find that the defense will call in one of this trio of expert medical examiners:  Dr. Warner Spitz,  Dr. Henry Lee, or Dr. Cyril Wecht.  I’ve found them all to be experts for a price.  Warner is probably supplementing his retirement with defense cases.  He was completely uninformed about the case except for what Baez had asked for—someway to discredit the first autopsy.
And what do you think of Cindy Anthony now?  On the day in court when she lied about making the computer searches, one psychologist on a talk show said she had moved her lips in the “dupers delight”, a way of puckering her lips just prior to and after telling a lie.  It's true, too, I was watching clips on HLN and sure enough, all through that bevy of lies about the searches she has a peculiar pucker.  Then today, when prosecution brought in the president of Gentiva with records that show that she was not only at work, but making entries on the work computer, she kept herself hidden behind the woman sitting in front of her, trying to make herself as small as possible.  Maybe there will be other news views.  What facial features does she use when she is caught red-handed in a lie under oath with a po'd district attorney and stern judge?    

It looks to me like Casey is enjoying her last few days of relative freedom.  When will it hit her that everyone is going to go on to something else, while she heads off to jail.  It’s not exactly going to be like spring break.   Right now she is a star.  Everyone knows who Casey Anthony is.  Soon, though, she will be a note in the back-pages of the newspaper when she files for appeal, or is denied.  Maybe she can entertain herself with imaginary vacations. 
But then I’m assuming that she will be found guilty.  Lawd knows I have been very wrong before.


Anonymous said...

We are all assuming she will be found guilty of something, neglect at the very least, but one never knows. I am afraid of comments I have heard that the prosecution has only presented circumstancial evidence, which is not enough to find her guilty of killing her daughter. If she walks off easy, I wonder if anyone will be able to trust her or the justice system. If I ran into her, I'd sure run the opposite way.
Anyway, do you think that Cindy will face consequences to her lying actions? Prolly not...
Yes, what was the point to the mistress? I found it irrelevant to the case.
Casey reminds me of Roxie Hart. No glamour this time around though.


Janet said...

I think if Cindy is prosecuted and actually put in jail, she wouldn't get the 15 year sentence the talking heads are saying. But Judge Perry seems to be no-nonsense and 90-180 days wouldn't surprise me. Just for the principle of it. The Anthony's do live in a separate reality from more main-stream folks, at least on the prairie.

The girlfriend of George's. All they wanted was for her to repeat what George had said but in doing so exposed more of Georges's lies (sneaking around)and taking thousands from her after tearful heart to hearts.

I've always felt so sorry for the Anthony's and I guess I still do, but they are not people I would strike up a friendship with. What could you believe from them. It explains Casey's note in the journal that was never entered into evidence, when she wrote "Everyone lies, Everyone dies." In her world, everyone DID lie. Starting to ramble here

Anonymous said...

Did you hear?!?! WHAT?!?!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe the verdict. Please pinch me.

JBT said...

I'm very surprised by this verdict too. It's just so heartbreaking because at the bottom of all of this is a little girl who may have suffered during her short life, and worse, probably suffered during her (hopefully quick) death. I know it seems vindictive to say this, but I want Caylee's killer to suffer heavy consequences for this crime. I hope investigators continue to search for evidence (pipe dream, I know). I do not believe justice has been served today : (

JBT said...

By the way - seems to me that the circumstantial evidence against Casey is at least as strong as the circumstantial evidence against Scott Peterson, if not stronger. I just don't get it. I Imagine the jury did the best they could under the circumstances, and I can only hope that new evidence will turn up and the case will be reopened.

Anonymous said...

When I heard the verdict, I pictured Casey's jail recording when the media first posed the "drowned in the pool" theory,
Casey's words "surprise, surprise" echoed in my head.
Can't believe she got away with it, and Baez and Crew are popping champaigne and hopping with joy.

Here's the message to babykillers, if you lie long enough, bide your time, and have no consience, follow Casey's lead and live the good life.

I felt ill tucking my child in bed knowing Caylee will never rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

I hope Caylee forever haunts Casey's dreams.