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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casey Anthony gets the last laugh

The Prairie Chicken
July 17, 2011

Shortly after midnight, Casey Anthony was released from custody, having served her time for four counts of lying to the police on July 15 and 16, 2008, in the case of her missing/murdered daughter Caylee three years ago.

While I admit I would like one opportunity to bitch slap her,  I accept the judicial system, the jury's decision.  Would rather Casey does not move to the prairie, but it is a free country. 

A question, though.  If it is the State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony, why do all of the jurors have to come from the same county?  It would seem that in the case of a sequestered jury, the prosecution and defense would both benefit from a state wide draw giving the attorneys more to choose from (meaning no disrespect to the Anthony jury, I'm just sayin'...)  more costly I suppose.

Numerous news stations have covered Anthony's release from jail this morning.  Obviously most, if not all, of them must have expected a guilty verdict and then sentencing, then a follow-up to prison, and on and on, because that little 2 minute clip has been played and replayed all day long.  Good movie day.  Now the big question is where did she go?  Is she holed up at Chaney Mason's house?  At a hotel in Orlando?  Did she make the plane to Ohio? 

It was reported last week that Zenaida Gonzalez was issuing a civil suit against her and intended to have it served to her prior to leaving jail.  Tim Miller with Equusearch is also filing suit to seek reimbursement of 112k that his organization spent searching for little Caylee, when according to Casey's own attorney, Casey knew Caylee was already dead.  Leonard Padilla is suing for something,  probably reimbursement for what he spent bailing her out of jail, providing round-the-clock security for her.  Along with that, the IRS wants 78k to pay the income tax on the 225,000k she received for "licensing photo's" of Caylee.   Jose took the money as payment.  Not looking out too well for his client in that sense, huh?

It was said by one of the talking heads that Casey now wants to be a paralegal.  It immediately made me thing of what Jesse Grund said about Casey--that she would try to morph herself into what ever was going on around her, that while not particularly religious, she participated in church and prayer meetings with his family, and suddenly she was a fan of his football team.  She's had no one but attorneys to talk to for three years so now she wants to be involved in law.   Of course, she'll have to get that GED before she can start school for that.  Maybe she can work out something where she's just an imaginary paralegal. 

So Casey Anthony has a future after all.  Only time will tell if it is a good one.  I can't see a reality show in her future, since even Jerry Springer and Vivid Entertainment (XXX rated stuff) pulled their offers.  How about the next Survivor series?  Hopefully she will just fade away, never to be heard from again.  For narcissists like herself that would be the worst punishment of all.  To simply be ignored.


Anonymous said...

Ok that is a great suggestion. SURVIVOR, except she ends up bushwacked. My mama told me a long time ago, "No matter how pretty you think you are, there's always somebody prettier out there. No matter how smart you think you are, there's always someone smarter out there. No matter how funny you think you are, there's always someone smarter out there." Casey Anthony WILL meet her match. And she'll play the game b/c she thinks she's got nine lives but she will got in over her head one day, mark my word and she'll pay a dear price for it.

i'm so excited said...

There is an interview of Casey's ex-friend inmate who states that while in jail Casey told her (the inmate) that she would knock Caylee out with chloroform so she (Casey) could go out and party. The inmate (I believe her name is Maya and I will supply a YouTube link to this interview) said that this would occur in Casey's parents' home so that Caylee would go to sleep in her own bed.

There are four parts to this interview. Here is the first part:


I believe the inmate because it makes everything add up. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Monster Anthony. I hope Caylee comes back and haunts her mother for the rest of her pathetic life, course if she can't, then I hope Casey's mind loses it and she sees things that make her believe Caylee came back... and then she can be put in a padded cell where she belongs..oh snap all that was my outside typist again huh?! oh well.. can not help how I feel about that... that... piece of work! Great Blog by the way!!!!

Janet said...

ise: thanks for the link. Just watched all four video's. Maya seems to be very nice girl, like a sweet teenager, and I want to believe what she says. It makes perfect sense and fits nicely into my theory. I'm not a good judge of people at times because I tend to take people at face value, so I looked up Maya's crime. Here is a link to a blog I found about it:
She doesn't sound like a very good person before she went to jail. But if she is not asking for a sentence reduction or better prison, I don't see why she would say this if it's not true. Maybe she 'found god' I wish it would bring Caylee back.

Janet said...

Anon July 25: Is that who leaves those catty comments on my blog? My outside typist? ha! that's great.
thanks for the kudo.