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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Warren Jeffs Guilty

The Prairie Chicken
August 8, 2011

Warren Jeffs finally is found guilty of raping two "child brides."  The penalty could be up to 119 years, 99 years for sex with the 12 year old and 20 for the 14 year old, if maximum sentences are given to be served consecutively.  The judge could be lenient, but we are talking about Texas.  The best I believe will be the judge allowing the sentences, what ever they may be, to be served concurrently. 

Why would these dimwits choose Texas, anyway?  I don't even exceed the speed limit when I'm in Texas.  They just don't fool around.  There are 400, give or take, people on death row and they actually execute around 15 every year. 

Here's hoping for a long sentence for this guy.  Life in Texas prison.  oh my...

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