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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lemaricus Davidson Trial, October 24, 2007

The Prairie Chicken
October 24, 2009

Defense Attorneys for Lemaricus Davidson began the day asking for a mistrial due to the assistant DA's attorney's fainting spell yesterday when photo's of the victims were shown to the jury. She assured the judge it was the testimony as a whole rather than a photo that caused her ailment and the Judge accepted the explanation, instructing the jury to disregard it.

A second Medical Examiner testified that the lack of Channon's saliva being tested was unnecessary, because Channon's DNA would be all over the jeans.

The State rested their case this morning.

First defense witness was Ethel Freeman, a drug buddy of Davidson's who lived in the apartments where Christian and Newsom were kidnapped, and said she had expected him that night but he did not show up. She called him at 3:00am Sunday and said he was out of breath and talking fast. She swore to seeing Christian and Newsom on Saturday night between 9 and 10:00pm at a gas station close to the Chipman house. Interesting, in that the victims were alleged to have been carjacked at about 9:05pm. She had no proof that this ever happened and it reeked of stink, imo.

Next, the defense found a neighbor who testified that he had seen Christian with Davidson days before the crime was committed, getting out of a green Grand Am with another woman and going in Davidson's house. Prosecutor Fitzgerald showed him a picture of Stacey Lawson's green Grand Am and he said that was the car. I don't know how he could mistake a short fat girl with short dark hair for a tall thin girl with long blond hair, but that's me. But Stacy Lawson and her car were gone days before the murders.

The defense continues on Monday, with Davidson having until then to decide if he wants to testify on his own behalf against his attorneys advice, and giving up his secret "priors" if he DOES testify and is still convicted.

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