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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lemaricus Davidson trial: Judge warns families about commenting to/on lawyers

By Jamie Satterfield
Posted October 19, 2009

KNOXVILLE - A Knox County judge this afternoon threatened to remove from the courtroom relatives of a couple at the center of a torture slaying if they make any more derogatory comments to or about attorneys representing alleged ringleader Lemaricus Davidson...

In a surprising move he publicly ordered the relatives not to make comments about the defense team to the media...

The incident came after Davidson's attorney Trant asked witness Josh Anderson, who was a friend of Newsom's, what he removed from Newsom's truck after the 23-year-old went missing. "We had gotten his weed, his marijuana," Anderson said.

...Defense attorney Scott Green, who represented Davidson's brother, Letalvis Cobbins in August, made it a point to say throughout the trial that he did not intend to sully the reputations of either victim. Trant's question shows that Davidson's defenders are not so squeamish.

In opening statements this morning, Eldridge said the "gang from Kentucky" killed the Knox County couple and set Davidson up to take the fall...Davidson's defense made clear that they will seek to blame Cobbins, Cobbins' pal, George Thomas, and Cobbins' girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman.

Cobbins was convicted of rape and murder but escaped the death penalty.

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Transcript of the Jan. 11, 2007 interrogation of Letalvis Cobbins

Transcript of the Jan. 31, 2007, interrogation of Vanessa Coleman

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