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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lemaricus Davidson Trial; Thursday, Oct 22

The Prairie Chicken
October 22, 2009

Testimony today covered the flowered torn sheet that was used for binding both Newsom and Christian and came from a set in Davidson's house. It ties Newsom's death to Christian's, and back to Davidson's house. Daphne Sutton testified yesterday that the sheet set was one she didn't care for and had put in the closet in the back bedroom, off the kitchen.

Tim Schlade of KPD testified on Davidson's palm print recovered from one of the trash bags in which Christian's body was found. Palm print as well as finger prints were abundant on the trash bags. Juror's asked a couple of questions, one being whether there was trash or garbage in the trash can at all, that would explain Davidson's palm print. The answer was they were all fresh bags, containing nothing but Christian's body. The other question involved the time lag between when the prints were placed there and when they were identified as the defendants. I don't understand the significance of the question.

I like Tennessee's ruling that jurors are allowed to submit questions to the judge to be asked of the witness. Yesterday the judge chuckled and said he could not ask the question. I really want to know what the question was...

KPD firearms expert Patricia Resig talked about the slugs found in Newsom's body, two could be matched to each other, but were of a common variety that could possibly be common to many many cheap .22 semi-automatics. Her testimony was moot.

For the rest of the day the courtroom heard Davidson's taped interview at the Knoxville Police Department at about 4pm on January 11. Davidson's attorney had argued against the interview being presented at trial.

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