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Monday, October 19, 2009

Lemaricus Davidson Trial day 1: Opening statements set today

Right: Lemaricus Davidson
Alleged ringleader of killings in 2007 gets his wish of Knox jury
By Jamie Satterfield
October 19, 2009 am
Knoxville, Tennessee--
...The courtroom will be packed with family and friends of the slain couple and, authorities expect, more than a few angry gawkers. Davidson himself will be flanked by plain-clothes Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies and seated with two defense attorneys who have found themselves and their families the subject of death threats serious enough to rate an FBI probe.
And, he will face two prosecutors perched atop a mountain of forensic evidence linking Davidson to the crimes and an account by Davidson...
The prosecutors themselves handed the defense fodder in the form of two mystery male DNA profiles on underwear saturated with Christian’s DNA. That, coupled with a statement from Cobbins’ attorney that Davidson was claiming in jail calls he had dated Christian, has fueled rumors Davidson might seek to defend himself by trashing the reputation of his victims...
It could be a clever strategy that will become clear in the next two weeks of trial. Or it could turn out to be just what Davidson lamented to Flores back in January 2007. “Ya’ll know now,” Davidson said of what happened to the couple. “Ain’t nothing I can do … that’s gonna (sic) save me or gonna (sic) help me.”

Read Lemaricus Davidson January 2007 statement here

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