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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Haleigh Cummings disappearance saga

The Prairie Chicken
October 17, 2009

For the best coverage on the case, check out Art Harris on The Bald Truth. His articles are much more hands-on than the main-stream media. In the latest piece, Art talks about the verbal tiff between Tim Miller of Equusearch, father of kidnapped and murdered daughter Laura, and Marc Klass, father of kidnapped and murdered daughter Polly.

Klass started it by criticising Tim Miller's involvement with Donna Brock in relocating Misty Croslin to Orlando to get her away from Ronald, who had made verbal death threats against her, and to glean any possible additional information from Misty.

Miller immediately answered by finding, with his company, his 102nd missing person since he started in 2000. The shocker was Miller responding that Klass did nothing but make a living off of his dead daughters name. wow.

From myfoxorlando.com
Lisa Croslin extradited to Florida
Misty Cummings stopped in road rage…
Misty Cummings talks on national TV

From news4jax.com
Cummings' Attorney Talks On National TV
Misty: Family's 'Other Side' Has Haleigh

From Ocala.com
Haleigh's dad, stepmother divorce
Attorney for Misty Cummings steps down

Misty apparently does have an attorney, as this week it was reported that she wants to rescind the restraining order against her brother Tommy. Mom Lisa finally made bond and has been released. She and Tommy are probably not allowed to leave the area without permission, both pending court dates. Her family will pull her back into the fold and they will go on, as families do.

And watch out ladies, Ronald M Cummings is back on the beef-cake market and is on the look-out for his next little girlfriend. Requirements: must be under 18, available to baby-sit and able to accept direction. For his part: he is an unemployed, smoking, drinking, known druggie and suspected drug dealer, who is abusive to women and children, likes to get in fist-fights and act like a tough guy, carries a gun and engages in mind-games and manipulation. And he lives with his grandma. What a catch.

As I predicted last week, when Nancy Grace confronted Ron Cummings on her television show and told him she didn't believe him, I thought we'd seen the last of him there. A lowly woman called him out on national tv. And sure enough, for the rest of the week all she had were clips from previous shows. It appears that the only women who are constant in his life are his mother and grandmother, both of which are apparently willing to financially support his grown-up self, fawn over him and call him Ronnie.

The good news, though, is that the DFS has opened another investigation into Ron Cummings as custodial parent based on Tim Miller's recounting Ron showing Tim an assault rifle, two 32 round clips and stated in front of Jr that Ron would shoot Misty, himself, and take out a couple of people with them. Tim Miller is an impeccable witness. Maybe they will finally see that Jr is in danger and let him go live with his mama.

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