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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jury finds Lemaricus Davidson guilty on 46 Counts

News Sentinel
Knoxville News
October 28, 2009

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee - A Knox County jury today put torture-slaying alleged ringleader Lemaricus Davidson on the path to death.

With a sweeping set of guilty verdicts on all murder counts, the five-woman, seven-man jury set the stage for the state's bid Thursday to seek Davidson's life as punishment for the January 2007 deaths of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

"The people of Knox County are the ones who took care of our kids today," said Deena Christian, mother of Channon Christian.

"We finally have the justice our kids deserve," said Mary Newsom, mother of Chris Newsom.

Jurors also found Davidson, 28, guilty of the kidnapping and robbery of the couple, rejecting defense claims the pair went willingly to Davidson's Chipman Street house.

They also deemed him guilty of multiple rapes of Christian, 21. They were unable to conclude whether Davidson raped Newsom, 23, and instead returned lesser verdicts of facilitation of Newsom's rape...
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The only emotion this bastard has ever shown was his bawling during the initial interrogation on January 11, 2007, because he had gotten caught and this afternoon when when the guilty verdicts just kept on coming. He did some heavy blinking to hold back tears--again tears for himself only.
Where is Davidson's mother? Where is his father? Or does mama know who the father is? Why isn't she in the courtroom supporting her son? Where was she when Cobbin's went down? The family was represented by a sister and a cousin. Even your family doesn't like you, Marcus.
It will be interesting to see tomorrow who the defense is going to drag into court for mitigating arguments.

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Yourturntohelp said...

Thanks for the update. Glad the verdict upset this creature.