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Monday, October 05, 2009

Misty and Ron Cummings still estranged

The Prairie Chicken
October 5, 2009
Just caught the Nancy Grace show and Teresa Neves reports that Misty is once again in Orlando. The 'tiff' between Ron and Misty is two weeks old now. The first week Misty took off it was reported in the media and discussed on more popular blogs and websites. While talking to Ron about reconciliation, there was the fact that Misty had no where to stay if she came back to Satsuma, since her husband has ran her family out of town. Which explains why she stayed with Neves for one night, then went back to Sykes house to reunite with Ron and Jr.
The reconciliation lasted, what--3 days? Then Misty headed back to Orlando to stay with a friend whose husband is generously supporting Misty for an however long. I had the horrible thought; what if Misty is staying with George and Cindy Anthony. Pretty far-fetched but stranger things have happened. This comes from Neves' interview on Nancy Grace this evening. Read the transcript here .
Art Harris on The Bald Truth also has many new articles on the Cummings Clan, including a new two-part interview with Chelsea Croslin. She sounds sane, clear-headed and normal--an impression I had not felt about any of the Croslin's up to this point. Check him out here.
Art Rocks.

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Anonymous said...

Ron Cummings is an idiot, first of all he uses a young girl for babysitter/live-in sex partner, he does sells drugs and then gets her involved again when she is vulnerable and alone. He set her up I am so sure of it. Furthermore I see this hatred of her as a witch-hunt. Child molesters serve just a little time and she gets a mandatory sentence of 25 years? This girl just turned 18, there is no violent crime. All these bitchy women and men that want to see her thrown in jail and the key thrown away are vile. Nancy Grace has twins, she does not know what it is like to have a daughter Misty's age; these kids need love too! Misty has never really had a good example set before her; all of her family has been in jail for non-violent crimes of some sort or another. Give this kid a break. Ron Cummings is the one who should stay in jail for setting up this poor young girl.