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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Keighley Ann Alyea, Overland Park, regained consciousness before killed, family says

October 7, 2009
The Kansas City Star

A day after murder charges were filed against three men in death of 18-year-old Keighley Ann Alyea of Overland Park, her family provided a grim detail.

Alyea’s attackers thought they killed the teen Sept. 30 in Johnson County, according to what police told the family, but she became conscious as they drove to dump her body in rural Cass County.

“They had a choice to do the right thing and they chose to kill her,” said her uncle, Eddie Frentrop. “They could have just dropped her off at the hospital on the steps.”

Johnson County prosecutors declined to provide details on the case, including the cause of her death. On Tuesday, they also filed first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges against Dustin B. Hilt, 18, of Shawnee, Gerald S. Calbeck, 18, of Merriam, and Joseph D. Mattox, 21, of Overland Park...

Margo Alyea, the teen’s grandmother, said...Hilt and the victim had dated in the past and each had a tattoo of the other’s name on their bodies. The family is having the Dustin tattoo taken off her body before burial, Alyea said. Her granddaughter had wanted it taken off before her death.

Derek Bohlken, father of 18-year-old Gerald Calbeck, said his son had never been in trouble and hardly knew Alyea. His son started hanging out with Hilt a few weeks ago, he said. “He’s into things like sports, and he goes running,” Bohlken said... And murder?

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Dustin B. Hilt, 18, of Shawnee, Gerald S. Calbeck, 18, of Merriam, and Joseph D. Mattox, 21, of Overland Park, charged in death of Overland Park teen
The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Star Video Three make first court appearance in Keighley Ann Alyea's death
Kansas City Star Video Friend of slain teenager speaks out

Keighley Ann Alyea was headed out to visit an old boyfriend who sent an urgent message about 1:30 a.m. the day she disappeared, according to several friends. “She’ll come right over if you tell her something is wrong,” said Alyea’s friend Chris Monslow.

Alyea’s longtime friend Jessika Beebe, who knew that the couple had a volatile history that included abuse, urged her not to go. But Alyea left anyway. Her friends said police told them that Alyea’s last text message was: “I’m here. I’m parked a block away.”

...Alyea had dated Hilt for about two years, but several friends said they broke up after a long history of abuse. “She thought he would change,” Beebe said.

Alyea lived with Beebe’s family for several years. Beebe and others said they watched Hilt display irrational behavior around Alyea. They also saw bruises, which Alyea told them Hilt had inflicted, said Beebe’s brother, 16-year-old Chris Monslow of Kansas City, Kan.

Monslow had been friends with Hilt and Alyea. He said that the couple had used drugs together, but the relationship and her drug use stopped. “They split up and she got clean,” Monslow said.
Although the steady relationship appeared to be over, several friends said Hilt and Alyea had an on-again, off-again romance...

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