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Friday, October 23, 2009

Judge OKs evidence against suspected killer Jordan Brown, 12

Friday, October 02, 2009
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Lawrence County judge will not toss out key evidence in the case of Jordan Brown, 12, who prosecutors say fatally shot pregnant Kenzie Houk, 26, with a 20-gauge shotgun as she lay in bed on Feb. 20, and who is charged as an adult with two counts of homicide. He was 11 at the time of the killing.

His lawyers, Dennis Elisco and David Acker, wanted Common Pleas Judge Dominick Motto to suppress statements the boy made to a state trooper the day of the killing.

They also wanted Judge Motto to throw out evidence gathered from the New Galilee farmhouse that day, including firearms, bloody and soiled clothing, spent ammunition, fingerprints and DNA.

The judge did grant the attorneys' motion to suppress evidence obtained in a search of Jordan's school records, saying his "personal items, writings, clothing ... psychological examinations and other documented information" cannot be used against him... The boy's attorneys have repeatedly said they plan to ask a judge to move his case to juvenile court.

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Pennsylvania law states that a child age 10 or over can be charged as an adult for conviction of heinous crimes, such as this one.

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