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Friday, October 09, 2009

Casey Anthony tattoo

The Prairie Chicken
October 9, 2009

We finally see the infamous Bella Vita tattoo. What I enjoy more is the dingy sports bra, pasty & pudgy skin and zits all over her back.

I've noticed she wears the same gray slacks and blue cambry shirt every time she goes to court. If she had been nicer to her mother, she might have a nicer court wardrobe.

Entire document dump coming.
Photo's released today, these from Orlando Sentinel.


Anonymous said...

Hey, c'mon. She maybe a murderess. But nothing unusual about a 22 y.o getting zits.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's scabies. She need to see a doctor if it is.

shari said...

These marks are actually moles and some of them look like a dermatologist needs to take a look at them.

Janet said...

LOL. I was only taking a cheap shot at her because she is reportedly so vain. She bought sexy undies with Amy's money--the party pictures--her obsession with looking/dressing well when she knew camera's would be around.

She brought all this on herself, as I see it, so it shouldn't be a surprise when every zit and wart gets exposed.