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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lemaricus Davidson Trial day 2

The Prairie Chicken
October 20, 2009
This morning the victims mothers were put on the stand and asked various questions; Channon's mother identified her daughters clothing, discussed the last times she spoke with her daughter and described the futile attempt to get Knoxville Police involved, until Chris' body was found Sunday, mid-morning. By then the family had already found the car based on a grid search of the area of the last cell tower use from Channon's phone.
Both mom's were asked about their knowledge of Channon and Chris' drug use, which was apparently recreational. Channon had a small amount of alcohol in her system and Adderall, a drug prescribed to her brother. Chris had marijuana in his system and his friend said yesterday that he had removed a small amount from Chris' truck after the murders.
Channon's golf shoes were found in Davidson's house. What in the hell did he think he was going to do with ladies golf shoes?
Stacy Lawson took the stand last, after the landlord of the Chipman property that Davidson and his girlfriend Sutton had leased. Stacy is the girlfriend of George "G" Thomas, due to be tried next. Stacy is a rubeneque white woman who had driven Thomas, Cobbins and Coleman down to Knoxville from Kentucky on December 28. She stayed there over New Years and went back alone on January 2, before the murders. Her testimony consisted of the drug usage (everyone), the guns in the house and Davidson having gotten mad at her, threatening her, just prior to her leaving.
Another question asked and answered was what type cigarettes were smoked by occupants of the house during her stay. She testified that Davidson, Cobbins, Thomas and Coleman all smoked Newports. It was much earlier reported (not in court today) that a Newport cigarette butt was found at the scene of Newsom's death.
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