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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wichita, Kansas: Bridget Dietrich, mother of Caitlyn Johnson, arrested


WICHITA, Kansas – Bridget Dietrich, the mother of Caitlyn Johnson, the little girt set on fire by her stepfather is now behind bars herself.

The fire broke out in March and last week Chris Newberry admitted that he had doused the girl in lighter fluid and set her on fire. He also told the court that he had raped the girl.

Wichita police arrested the mother on charges of child endangerment Tuesday.

Sept. 30, 2009

Bridget Dietrich is behind bars on charges of child endangerment in connection to a fire that burned her 10 year-old daughter. The fire happened in March in Southeast Wichita.

Investigators won't give specifics on the arrest of Dietrich. They say it is in connection with the fire. The arrest documents show Dietrich failed to protect the girl from abuse at the hands of the suspect.

Last week Dietrich's husband, Chris Newberry pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder and rape of the little girl. He admitted to pouring lighter fluid on the girl and then setting her on fire.

She did survive the fire, but has severe burns. Dietrich's five children are now with family. The little girl who was burned lives with her grandmother.

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