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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Haleigh Cummings Body Not Found; Lake Drained, to Be Searched This Weekend

September 19, 2009 by
Carol Bengle Gilbert

...Putnam County Sheriff's Office told WAWS that a search would be conducted in the area of the drained lake during the weekend......Earlier reports by First Coast News Friday repeated the claims of several viewers that Haleigh Cummings' body had been recovered.

Haleigh's father Ronald Cummings denied any knowledge of his daughter's body being found when questioned by a First Coast News reporter. Cummings said he had spoken with Haleigh's mother Crystal Sheffield concerning the reports.

Saturday morning, Putnam County law enforcement addressed reports about a connection between the weekend search and the missing little girl, saying the search in the area called the Mondex is not related to the Haleigh Cummings investigation. Police say they drained the lake and are searching the area in an effort to find property reported stolen from a nearby home.

Contradicting the police statements Saturday, the Palatka Daily News, said earlier this morning that Bowling had stated the Mondex search was being conducted for the purpose of finding evidence in the Haleigh Cummings case and was based on tips and investigative interviews.

In Misty Croslin's recent voice stress test, Cummings spoke extensively about the necessity of washing Haleigh's blanket the night she disappeared. Cummings said the blanket "smelt like pee."

Questions about when and why the Cummings family washing machine was running, how Misty washed laundry when there was no detergent in the household at the time, and why the dryer was filled with dirty clothes hover around the periphery of Misty Croslin Cummings' claims about washing Haleigh's blanket.

On the figurative dirty laundry front; ...Haleigh's mother's family is alleging that Haleigh's father abused Haleigh and her younger brother, claiming drug and sex allegations against Misty Croslin Cummings include a weekend of sex with a man other than Ronald Cummings just prior to Haleigh's disappearance, then the disclosure that Misty's cousin (and brother) is a sex offender, revelations of Ronald Cummings' apparent penchant for underage girls and the arrest of both Ronald Cummings and Hank Croslin, Jr. in separate incidents.

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