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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Haleigh Cummings update

The Prairie Chicken
September 23, 2009

It is heavily rumored that Ronald Cummings lil' missus, Misty, has left town for places currently unknown. While a video of a "huggy-kissy" Ron and Misty was played on a couple of the mega-news shows on Saturday, by Monday evening the newlyweds apparently had yet another fight, ending with Ron throwing Misty's things in Grandma Sykes front yard, and Misty ultimately getting in a car with a friend and taking off. For being such a ladies man, he sure can't hang on to them.

Art Harris on The Bald Truth reports and posts a copy of a letter from Misty's friend Nay Nay to Donnie, Nay Nay's boyfriend, with whom Nay Nay had stayed the week after the wild weekend of February 7, including the night Haleigh disappeared. She relays to Donnie that a witness named Joe is now saying Misty, with both kids, were with Nay Nay at a party at Chad's and that Haleigh got a dose of Oxy and died. People ARE starting to come forward, but in this land of gators and snakes, who in the heck would we believe? TJ Hart has discussed this theory on Nancy Grace.

I doubt this version. Haleigh surely would have told on Misty if they went to a party--she had in the past when Nay Nay had come to visit while he was gone. Ron didn't want her around Misty. (Typical control freak behavior--disapprove of any personal friends, whatever their social status.) And Oxycontin's don't taste like Skittles, its a bitter pill. I don't believe Haleigh would take it on her own.

Right now I am a bit dumb-struck that Tommy has placed himself at the scene of the crime.

If Misty was gone 'in the 10pm hour' when Tommy came over to check on Misty for Ron, his banging could and probably would have awakened Haleigh. She would open the front door for "Uncle Tommy." He'd been there earlier in the day with his kids. He had the opportunity to stage a kidnapping scene and take Haleigh. Yes, he has children, but Haleigh was not blood relation to him. He'd known her for only four months, the time Ron & Misty had known each other.

And I have always thought the noisy back door looked staged, especially when it would be so much easier and more quiet to go in and out the front. Did Misty simply leave the house for awhile from the front, then left the front door unlocked so she could get back in? Or did she have a key?

Just where was she when Tommy came by? Gone out or passed out?

If she was gone, did she look in on the kids when she got back? Did Misty come back with someone who helped her make bouncy noises on the couch, as Junior reported?

Did Haleigh walk in on a booty-call--did she say she was going to tell?

Will we ever know what happened to her?

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