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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Jordan A. Brown, Accused Child Murderer, Back in Court This Week

A disturbing murder case in Lawrence County will go back to court this week.

Attorneys for 11-year-old Jordan Brown will go back to court Wednesday, with the goal of suppressing evidence in his case. He's being charged as an adult in the murder of 26-year-old Kenzie Houk and her unborn son in February.

Houk was the fiance of Brown's father, who fathered the child she was carrying.

The defense team wants a judge to suppress evidence in the killing, including an interview of Brown conducted by police at the child's elementary school on the day of the killings. Their argument is that Brown was not sufficiently notified of his rights at the time of the interview.

The defense is also still trying to get Brown's case moved from adult to juvenile court. An exact date for the hearing has not yet been set.


Anonymous said...

We lived in the same trailer park as Jordon Brown in 2005-2006. That child was only 7-8 years old at the time and he was extremely violent then. He would try to get my child to help him torture the cats that ran the park, tried to push my child and other children down the hill side to the swamp and always was picking fights with ALL the kids in the park. One day the kids were jumping into a pile of leaves from a small shed and Jordan put shredded siding under the leaves tne next day and laughed as a couple kids got hurt jumping onto it. We tried to talk to his father and grandmother about his anger issues but noone would listen. I guess they have to listen now. It's just a shame how people had to find out how truly disturbed he is.

Janet said...

I'm so glad your children are ok. Somehow, when you look at the picture, you can see the anger and hate in him. On an earlier post, a commenter said he walked around with that look on his face all the time. That person also knew it was a matter of time. I feel sorry for him, wondering what could have made him that way, but nothing excuses what he did. Two little girls will grow up without their mama. That is what breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

He is a child and your comments do not make him. Children act out in different ways. It is unfair of your to try to make him look so bad. There is always another side to any story. I can tell you stories about kids that did some crazy things when they were young and they are fine today. He should not have had a gun. He is child. Your comments are unfair.

Janet said...


He murdered two people. Maybe you would like to take him into your home and try to rehabilitate him. But you'd best not have any animals, or turn your back on him, or piss him off. He'll "pop you in the head", as he had said he was going to do, then did, to Kenzie and her baby. I haven't heard his daddy expressing any remorse for the lousy job he did of raising him. If he gets away with this, he will kill again.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe a single thing that first anonymous said, actually I believe in the innocence of this child and I found quite disturbing people spreading these horrible rumours about a child. Has anyone of you has seen his website, well have a look at it and then maybe, just maybe because I don't have much hope on people who spread evil rumours would come to their senses.

Jack Lim said...

There are just too many guns lying around in America. What is the point now in arguing whether he should be tried as child or adult. I believe what is needed is to change the gun law. Until and unless the gun law is changed, the American public should realize and marshall the fortitude to accept that such incidence may happen again in the future.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...but has the trial already convened? Wait, I guess there is no need to have a trial b/c some people here have already determined via their extensive expertise that Jordan Brown is guilty.

Here are some facts: The child is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. An 11 or 12 year old IS A CHILD.

If any of you are ever charged with a crime, whether you are guilty or innocent, you will want mercy.

"Blessed are the merciful".

Anonymous said...

To the "Anonymous" trailer park neighbors:

If what you write is true, it has nothing to do with the murder case at all. Nothing. It's pure defamation and meanness on your part to even mention it...and to do so under a veil of anonymity.

To "Janet": Umm...I don't know what medication you have skipped recently but when I look at the boy's mug shot I just see a frightened little boy. Nothing else can be deduced from his photo - or else let's just decided guilt based on how one looks in a photo... To even suggest what you did was craziness and demonstrates a complete lack of strength of character.

"Janet said...
I'm so glad your children are ok. Somehow, when you look at the picture, you can see the anger and hate in him. On an earlier post, a commenter said he walked around with that look on his face all the time. That person also knew it was a matter of time. I feel sorry for him, wondering what could have made him that way, but nothing excuses what he did. Two little girls will grow up without their mama. That is what breaks my heart."

Janet said...

To the last "anonymous"-- I have to point out that you are making very strong statements under the "veil of anonymity" as well. just sayin...

I'll tell you one thing, if he lies his way out of this, the state will have facilitated creating a monster. In his case, not having to take responsiblitiy will be more damaging in the long term than Juvy until he's 21, which is what I believe he will end up with.

I read the website his family has up and it is completely...well, it was probably written by his grandma, so it's what you'd expect Would have you believe the kid never farted.

What caused the State of Pennsylvania to put into law that a child 10 or above could be charged as an adult?

I read somewhere that the law was created to apply to gang members, many of whom are that young. So, should it apply only to a certain class of kids? Urban kids from Philly?

That is what you should be throwing your anger into, changing the law, not tonque-lashing people who don't see him as innocent as you do.

Anonymous said...

there could always be another possible killer, I mean look into it and we can go even farther. If we start to think how evil those days kids are why don't think about the possibility that it was that beautful littel 4 years old girl. I can find two motives. first one: Se was jelous because she wasn't going to be the queen of the house anymore so let's kill the king. the girl takes the jordan's shotgun put a blue blanquet to disguise the sound and booom. (cause we have to remaind the possibility as well this is not a little girl but an evil 18 year old girl disguise as a sweet angel.) The king is dead long live to the queen. And then we can hear the 7 year old girl tell to jordan, did you heard that boom, and jordan Noooo, come on let's go and stop telling you hear things noone else can hear, cause that's never a good sign.
Second motive. The little girl wakes up goes downstairs puts on the tv, watches the carttons, suddenly she's hungry so he goes to mummy and says mami I'm hungry, and mami, turns around and says, oh for god's sake give me a break, the girl gets pissed off, and thinks oh yeah? I'm gonna give you a break a really good one.(kids can be that demanding, if they don't get what they want you never know what the outcome can be? And goes to jordan's room and take jordan's shootgan and boooom.
PS:Well, maybe this was a little be cruel I don't know anymore, actually I'm going for the theory that the killer is Houk's exboyfriend. But hey, you can not deny that life is full of surprises.
PS: The gun used in the killing is very unlikely to be jordan's brown, says expertises, and the famous blue blanket hole it turned out to be and old cigarrete burn told by the forensic lab actually, so the inicial statement about premeditation goes down.
Sorry if that offended someone, that wasn't really my intention. I'm just trying to prove how you can find the most ridiculous motives for a crime if you want to blame a child. and don't you ever think a 4 year old kid can kil, cause they can believe me, i know what I'm talking about. But america has alwasy played the game NO SEE EVIL, When they can be the bad ones, and exists the possibility of law enforcement corruption and political intereses because that would blow down the believes of so many americans that in america there's no justice, there's no freedoom.
I truly believe Jordan Brown is innocent and what is been doing to this child in my personal opinion is an hineous crime.
I pray everyday so the real killer comes to light every day since I found out about Jordan brown, I really do.

Anonymous said...

First... I will say that I don't know whether or not this kid is guilty. I think it would be a shame for him to spend his whole life in prison, but I also think it would be a shame to let a murderer out on the streets. This being said...

I don't know exactly what the entire context for the "pop you in the head" comment was or who "heard" the kid say it, but when I was a kid (not too long ago, I'm in my early 20s), popping someone in the head meant that you would smack or hit them in the head with your hand. Violent, yes. But definitely not fatal. I know that there were many times I wanted to hit my siblings while growing up, and I very well may have said something to the effect as well. Considering the fact that I rarely got into trouble, I'd say I'm not an overly violent or bad person, either. This doesn't necessarily excuse him even if he meant the more innocent comment (if he said it at all), but it could just be a kid acting out as he tries to adjust to major life changes in the family.

As to the comment about the picture, I see neither a violent murderer nor a terrified little boy. I see a kid who looks like he recognizes that he's in big trouble, whether he did something wrong or not. I see a boy who is scared, but has his wits about him and knows to do as he's told by the police (obviously the ones giving the orders, as this is a mugshot). And I see a bit of exhaustion as well. I hope that whatever the jury decides it's right. I hope if they find the kid guilty he really did it. I hope if they find him innocent he really didn't do it. And more than anything, I am so very glad that I am not on that jury and having to make this decision.

Anonymous said...

Action and reaction, he killed and has to pay for it!