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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Haleigh Cummings is Missing: Misty Croslin Cummings' Hypnosis Lead

September 03, 2009
by saul relative

Ronald Cummings tells Nancy Grace he still supports his wife even though she failed the polygraph and voice stress analysis tests. The hypnosis part of the interview session was discontinued when the step mom fought the procedure.
A few new details were learned, however. The Putnam County Sheriff's Office became interested, subpoenaing the results. They also joined Equusearch Saturday in their covering of some territory in the county that had been searched before but had been mentioned by Cummings during the polygraph test.
Misty Cummings had also mentioned off-camera (the sessions were videotaped) that they should look for a red plastic rose. Steph Watts, who recorded the sessions for EquuSearch, told the Gainesville Sun, "She said there was a place that was not searched very well and that we should look for a red rose, and she gave us the location. We went and we looked, and we found it, and the next day we took them (Putnam County investigators) back there. I don't think they are going to dig where the rose is and find the body, but the fact that they went with us shows that they are following up on every lead."
This is very telling, since they allegedly found a red plastic rose where she said. She had to have put it there to have any idea where it was. There should be other markers in the area (my own opinion.) And Misty's knowledge of the rose just really stuck her tit right into the wringer. They'll be looking at every dusty fake flower in three counties til they find a match somewhere.
...Tim Miller of Equusearch said that Misty Croslin Cummings had approached them to "clear her name." She suggested the polygraph test and Miller had told her that that was not his group's forte, but he helped set it up. "I told her that was out of the realm of what we did, but this was something that she felt would be helpful, and so we arranged it. This is the first time I have ever been put in a position like this. It has ended with Misty (Croslin-Cummings) not speaking to us."
Tim Miller also said that the hypnosis part of the session was all Cummings' idea. The developments also took her attorney, Robert Fields, by surprise. He said that he had told her to not speak with anyone about the case without consulting him in advance.
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