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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bear Attacks Colorado Man Inside His Home

Associated Press
September 11, 2009

ASPEN, Colo. — A man was attacked by a large black bear in his Aspen home in the latest in a string of violent encounters with the animals this summer in the mountain community.

Colorado Division of Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton said the man had gone to the first floor of his home to check on his three barking dogs when the bear struck him in the head...
Wildlife officers are searching for the bear in the neighborhood and have set up a trap in the area. The bear will be euthanized when it is found...

Wildlife officers...have killed at least nine bears so far this summer...because people are not disposing of trash and storing food properly.

Aww. Don't hurt him. What's a little slap on the head? He was hungry.
Doesn't sound like any human has been killed, so that's Humans 9; Bears 0. Looks like the humans cause the "violent encounters". What--this guy just leaves his door open? It could have been a human with a gun. Ought to thank your lucky stars it was a bear.

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