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Friday, September 11, 2009

Exclusive from Art Harris: Misty Cummings Fires Back at Family!!

By Art Harris
The Bald Truth

The Bald Truth has learned exclusively that Misty Croslin is angry and preparing to fire back at her own family for accusing her of lying about the night she reported Haleigh Cummings missing... He says she will issue a complete statement on Monday about the family rift, or at least her take on it.

...Misty won a permanent restraining order against brother Tommy Croslin, after she claimed he punched her in the face during a fight with her husband

It was Misty and Teresa Neves, Ronald’s mother, who bailed him out of the Putnam County Jail within hours...I was wondering who paid to get his release...

Misty’s mother spoke to the media, as well, declaring for the first time, she believes her daughter knows more about what happened to Haleigh than she’s revealed...

read entire article here. Thanks Art! We would know nothing if not for you!

Misty's father, Hank Croslin, Sr., said he believes his daughter may not have been at the Cummings home all night on the night Haleigh disappeared.

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