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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who's Who in Haleigh Cummings case--UPDATED

February 24, 2009 Thanks to Gingee for info on Chad Griffis

Who’s who:

Cummings, Haleigh Ann-Marie, age 5, missing since February 10, 2009, Satsuma, FL

Cummings, Ronald LeMyles Sr.—Haleigh’s bio dad, age 25, dob 10-29-1983, 202 Green Ln, Satsuma, FL 32189

Cummings, Ronald LeMyles Jr—Haleigh’s younger brother, age 4, dob February 15, 2005. Satsuma

Cummings, Jack—Haleigh’s paternal grandfather, Ron’s dad

Neves, Teresa—Haleigh Cumming paternal grandmother, Ron’s mom, Satsuma

Sheffield, Crystal Diane—Haleigh’s bio mom, age 23, dob 8-30-1985 , 12222 Mud Lake Rd, Glen St Mary, Baker County
Has 3 siblings: Sarah Lavon, Marcus, Savannah

Griffis, Nancy (Marie)—Crystal Sheffield’s mother, Haleigh’s maternal grandmother, age 43, Glen St Mary, Baker County, married Bruce 2002

Griffis, Bruce A—Crystal Sheffield’s stepfather, age 46

Griffis, Chad—Crystal Sheffield’s fiancé, stepbrother, son of Bruce who is married to N Marie Sheffield

Sheffield, Johnny—Crystal Sheffield’s father, Haleigh’s maternal grandfather, Satsuma

Sheffield, Connie--Johnny's wife, step-mother of Crystal Sheffield, age 29

Croslin, Misty Jeanette—Ron Cummings live-in girlfriend/babysitter, age 17 dob 12-9-1991, Satsuma

Croslin Cummings, Misty--Ron Cummings married Misty Croslin in March, 2009.

Croslin, Timmy—brother of Misty, DOB June 21, 1987, drywall finisher, & wife Chelsea-2 kids lives in Palatka, FL

Croslin, Chelsea—wife of Timmy, Misty’s sister-in-law, 2 kids lives in Palatka, FL

Croslin, Tommy, brother of Misty, DOB Sept 26, 1986, drywall laborer, & wife Lindsey-3 sons, lives at 116 Tyler Rd, Satsuma (one block over from Cummings home.)

Croslin, Lindsey—wife of Tommy, Misty’s sister-in-law, 3 kids, Tyler Rd, Satsuma,

Croslin, Hank Thomas—Misty Croslin’s father, age 40, Satsuma

Croslin, Lisa—Misty Croslin’s mother, age 39, Satsuma

Brooks, Amber--Ron Cummings 3rd baby-mama, Palatka, 'friend' of Misty.

Brooks, Jordon--child of Amber Brooks and Ron Cummings, b August 2007

Prevatt, Kristina Renee, 18, aka Nay Nay, friend of Misty, mother of a child.

Page, Greg--aka White Boy Greg, friend of Prevatt and Brooks, had weekend of drink, drugs and sex with Misty for 3 days prior to the Monday night when Haleigh disappeared.

Staubs, William aka 'Cobra', private investigator hired by Crystal Sheffields attorney Kim Picazio

Kim Picazio, lawyer for Crystal Sheffield, pro bono from Miami --?

Nettles, Jason, Sgt—Putnam County Sheriff's Dept

Rose, Steve, Capt—Putnam County Sheriff’s Dept

Ryan, Rick—Chief Deputy Putnam County Sheriff’s Dept

Hardy, Jeff—Putnam County Sheriff

Schauland, Dick, Capt--Putnam County Sheriff's Dept

Greenwood, Johnny, Lt--Putnam County Sheriff's Dept
Please let me know if you spot any more errors.


Anonymous said...

It is obvious this father is an abuser and stole those children from the mother. Just b/c a judge didn't realize he was an abuser doesn't mean it isn't true these type of men are very convincing and my question is if he is capable of bloody noses maybe just maybe he had her body in his car while he was at work and he killed her before he left for work and then disposed of her somewhere else. I think dad killed her and Misty is covering for him.

God help Crystal get the boy from him and let him go to jail b/c it is clear they are drug users and he is a pedophile with girls under 17 years old until they are sick of his beatings apparently and leave b/c a former girlfriend was also beat that was a very young girl who reported him for abuse on her and the kids. Misty is just his future victim and his comurderer for helping to cover it up b/c she is manipulated as were the other young girls he was involved with.

Janet said...

Anon: I agree with you 100 percent. Well, I'm not sure Ron killed her, but I agree with the rest.

Anonymous said...

Just because a women says a man is a abuser doesnt mean they are. I personally dont believe a women who lied and got charged by the police before for lying to the police. Once a lier always a lier IMO.I believe Haleigh is still alive and that the mother side knows where she is.And I think its funny that Amber Brooks Ronald Cummings ex girlfriend is related to Crystal Sheffield and was just with Misty a few days before Haleigh went missing. I believe they know more then they are telling.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, could you please tell me how Crystal and Amber are related? I have read that they were cousins on some other blogs but, now I can't find that info.! TIA...

Anonymous said...

Motive. Who had Motive? Who gained in all this?
What family is all over the internet posting that the father killed her and why would they do that? Wouldn't you want people to look- Not if you are involved. Marie Griffis and Crystal Sheffield or someone related to them.