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Friday, February 20, 2009

Jail recorded Casey Anthony's reaction to Caylee remains discovery

Bianca Prieto
Sentinel Staff Writer
February 20, 2009

The morning that an Orange County meter reader discovered the skeletal remains of Caylee Marie Anthony, corrections officers had her mother's reaction to the news recorded.
Sources told the Orlando Sentinel that deputies asked that Orange County Jail corrections officers tell Casey Anthony that the remains of a small child were found near her home and that her reaction closely observed and caught on videotape.
The 22-year-old murder suspect doubled over a few times, began hyperventilating and asked for medication after the news was delivered that a child's remains had been found just blocks from her family's home. At that time no one knew whose bones were in the woods at the end of Suburban Drive. Anthony began rocking back and forth and was visibly upset, according to the source.

This afternoon, Marti Mackenzie, spokeswoman for Anthony's attorney Jose Baez, released a statement via email. "It is outrageous and cruel that they were standing by to record her emotions," Mackenzie said. "Let's call this the latest in a 'tape and release' strategy that the Sheriff's Office seems to have used since Casey was first arrested. Even if its not their primary motive, the release of this kind of information has to have an influence on viewers and readers.
Just look at the blogs. "The video of her reaction was later reviewed. Statements were taken from the Orange County Jail corrections officers who told Anthony of the discovery, according to documents released earlier this week. The video has not been turned over to the State Attorney's Office and is not part of public record, according to sheriff's spokesman Carlos Padilla.
The sheriff's office is not releasing the video because it is part of the on-going investigation. Orange County Jail spokesman Allen Moore issued a statement regarding the videotape late Thursday. He would not confirm the existence of the recording.
"As we have consistently stated, we do not report reaction or demeanor of any inmate in our custody," Allen said in an e-mailed statement. "Further, Orange County Corrections will not reveal any information about law enforcement investigations or requests."


gettingtired said...

whats cruel about the jail is not a private place why did she react at all no one said it was caylee this was not the first time it was thought to have been her daughters body what no reaction then ? and cruel whats more cruel than to tape your daughters mouth and murder her and snd stick and darn sticker on her outh thats cruel

Anonymous said...

Anyone got a link to the video?

Janey lou said...

I'm from the UK and have been following this case intently, nobody here has really heard of Casey Anthony, I'm glad i found this place :).

Janey lou said...

Poor Caylee :( i hope her sociopath mother goes down for a very long time.

My thoughts go out to Sandra Cantu's parents at this terrible time, still thinking about Haleigh Cummings every day too :(.

Janet said...

I haven't seen a video yet.
Janey Lou, welcome and thanks for your comments. I also follow Haleigh Cummings closely. artharris.com is an excellent website for some shocking articles about this White Boy Greg, but since Art supported Howard K Stern so ferverantly, I have to take him with a grain of salt.

For some reason I didn't cover Sandra Cantu's murder because I thought she would be found soon, and the perp will be arrested very soon. Bless her little heart.

I'd love to visit the UK. I'm scots and english genealogically. With a good dose of german.

I love comments...hope to read you soon.