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Friday, February 20, 2009

Who's Who in Haleigh Cummings case

Who’s who:

Cummings, Haleigh Ann-Marie, age 5, missing since February 10, 2009, Satsuma

Cummings, Ronald LeMyles Sr.—Haleigh’s bio dad, age 25, dob 10-29-1983, 202 Green Ln, Satsuma, FL 32189

Cummings, Ronald LeMyles Jr—Haleigh’s younger brother, age 4, dob February 15, 2005. Satsuma

Cummings, Jack—Haleigh’s paternal grandfather, Ron’s dad

Neves, Teresa—Haleigh Cumming paternal grandmother, Ron’s mom, Satsuma

Sheffield, Crystal Diane—Haleigh’s bio mom, age 23, dob 8-30-1985 , 12222 Mud Lake Rd, Glen St Mary, Baker County
Has 3 siblings: Sarah Lavon, Marcus, Savannah

Griffis, Nancy (Marie)—Crystal Sheffield’s mother, Haleigh’s maternal grandmother, age 43, Glen St Mary, Baker County, married Bruce 2002

Griffis, Bruce A—Crystal Sheffield’s stepfather, age 46

Griffis, Chad—Crystal Sheffield’s fiancé, don’t know how he is related to Bruce.

Sheffield, Johnny—Crystal Sheffield’s father, Haleigh’s maternal grandfather, Satsuma

Croslin, Misty Jeanette—Ron Cummings live-in girlfriend/babysitter, age 17 dob 12-9-1991, Satsuma

Croslin, Timmy—brother of Misty, DOB June 21, 1987, drywall finisher, & wife Chelsea-2 kids

Croslin, Chelsea—wife of Timmy, Misty’s sister-in-law, 2 kids

Croslin, Tommy, brother of Misty, DOB Sept 26, 1986, drywall laborer, & wife Lindsey-3 sons, lives on Tyler Rd, Satsuma (one block over from Cummings home.)

Croslin, Lindsey—wife of Tommy, Misty’s sister-in-law, 3 kids, Tyler Rd, Satsuma,

Croslin, Hank Thomas—Misty Croslin’s father, age 40, Satsuma

Croslin, Lisa—Misty Croslin’s mother, age 39, Satsuma

Nettles, Jason, Sgt—Putnam County Sheriff's Dept

Rose, Steve, Capt—Putnam County Sheriff’s Dept

Ryan, Rick—Chief Deputy Putnam County Sheriff’s Dept

Hardy, Jeff—Putnam County Sheriff

Please let me know if you spot any errors.

1 comment:

Gingee said...

Brad is said to be the son of Bruce Griffis, who is married to Crystall Sheffield's mother.

There is another child of Ronald L. Cummings: Jordan, whose age is listed as one year, mother's name is Amber.