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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crime documents released in Casey Anthony case--Part 3

Investigators said the duct tape found wrapped around the skull of Caylee Marie Anthony matched Henkel brand duct tape stuck on a gas canister at the Anthonys' home, forensic reports released today show... However, forensic investigators did not address if they found prints belonging to the toddler's mother, Casey Anthony, on the adhesive tape...

Detective Yuri Melich of the sheriff's office wrote on a Feb. 5 report. "As of this writing, there is nothing to suggest that anyone but Casey Anthony is responsible for the death and disposal of Caylee Anthony."... The legal and forensic documents also show that Anthony considered herself a bad mother and that her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, had tried to take custody of their granddaughter on more than one occasion...

Authorities found a World of Disney bag near Caylee Anthony's remains. Inside the bag investigators discovered a Gatorade Cool Blue bottle with unknown liquid and white sediment.

A syringe in a wrapper was found inside a toilet paper roll that was in the bottle.

Detectives also found a stained Winnie the Pooh blanket, a pair of size 24 month pink and white stripe shorts, a pink size 3T shirt with the words "BIG TROUBLE comes small" written on the front and what detectives thought to be pieces of a child's pull up. The sheriff's office asked the FBI to compare the black plastic bag found with Caylee's remains to the garbage bags collected from the Anthonys' house; to compare the duct tape found on the remains to the duct tape on the gas can from the Anthonys' residence; and to examine vacuums and cleaners for possible decomposition materials or other related items.

Also included in the documents is a letter asking the FBI to compare items taken from the Anthony house in December, when a search warrant was executed. Among the items taken from the house are multiple garbage bags, a Bissel steam cleaner, Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, a Bissel spot cleaner and one red gas can with duct tape.

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