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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crime documents released in Casey Anthony case--Part 2

11:51a.m. Investigators conducted a search warrant at Anthony's Hopespring Drive home after the Caylee's remains were found. Here are some of the items seized:
- Nine pair of women's shoes from Casey Anthony's closet
- A white/red heart-shaped sticker backing with sticker removed that was found in a shoe box in Casey Anthony's dresser.
- A sheet for red heart-shaped stickers with the three remaining on the page found in a red folder in her dresser
- A sheet for multi-colored heart-shaped stickers in a black binder in her dresser
- Two white-rimmed plastic children's sunglasses
- Two pair of children's denim shorts -- size 24M
- Three denim children's skorts - one 3T and two 24M
- Miscellaneous doll clothing
- Five pairs of children shoes
- One black garbage bag found inside a suitcase in the garage area
- Two handwritten notes from a chest in Caylee's room
- Some muscle-relaxers and anti-anxiety medications were taken from the master bathroom that were prescribed to Cindy Anthony

11:19 a.m. Crime-scene technicians spent several days at the scene where Caylee Anthony's remains were found and recovered numerous items, some of which was related to the case and a lot of trash. Here is a partial list of what was found:
- Several bones, including human teeth and animal bones.
- Numerous pieces of plastic bags
- A pregnancy test
- Several discarded soda cans
- A broken Winnie the Pooh helium balloon
- Barbie doll legs
- A disposable camera (what was on the photo's?)
- A piece of "Henkel Consumer Adhesives" duct tape, the same kind found wrapped around the skull and attached to a gas can at the house.

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