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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Man accused of stealing guns from parked cop car

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Corpus Christi police didn't have to go far to examine the scene of one crime _ the theft of guns from a police car.

Authorities said a semiautomatic rifle, handgun, Taser and ammunition were stolen Feb. 8 from the trunk of a car parked at the home of a SWAT team officer.

Then they discovered that fingerprints from the car matched a man who was already in custody.
Police said 27-year-old Jaime Jalomo had appeared in court the day after the car theft and pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance.

Jalomo was indicted Thursday on two counts of theft of a firearm.

A Nueces County jailer who wouldn't give her name said Jalomo was still in custody there Saturday. Jail records did not identify an attorney to speak for him.
You'd think the police would use alarms on their vehicles if they are going to use them as gun cabinets. dumbass... Can you imagine Jalomo's face when he popped the trunk on that one? Probably thought he'd found the mother lode.

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