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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Casey Anthony Documents--interesting finds

These are a few things I found going through the hundreds of pages of documents and photo's released on February 18, 2009. I haven't heard the talking heads bring up these particular items:

page 19 of 59
Death Certificate of one Eric Baker, 18 years old. ? Is this who Casey claimed as the baby daddy from the obituaries?

page 36 of 50
George/Casey private meeting—Aug 14.
After the Aug 14 video meeting (on the same day) where she was rude to her parents, she sends note to Sheriff to see dad George. It is arranged, sheriff drives George to the jail at 7:30pm. Casey was with attorney Adam Gabriel, left George waiting 1 ½ hrs, then sent word that she didn’t want to see him, sent him away. (After all that crap about who she picked for a personal meeting, yadda, yadda. It was all bs. She hadn't spoken to anyone about it until that day after the meeting where she threw the tantrum.)

Page 45 of 50
On September 5, when LE picked up the Taurus .38 pistol from the Anthony house, George stated to the media that it was a gun he had from his policeman days. Actually he ordered the gun on August 29 and picked it up with a box of bullets on September 4 of 2008—while Casey was out on bond on home arrest. Somehow (probably the gun dealer) the police were notified that he had purchased a gun. He did not call them and tell them to come get it. He had just purchased it.

Page 11 of 16
Ex-bff Annie lived at Sawgrass Apartments, apt #218 with Dante Salati from October 2005 to March of 2007. Casey visited daily, so was very familiar with the apartments and where #210 was, the alleged apt of imaginary babysitter Zanaida.

Page 5 of 75
Kodak disposable camera found in Anthony house, Kodak disposable camera found in George’s HHR, Kodak disposable camera found at scene where Caylee’s bones were found. (Are they from a 3 pack? Do numbers match? Can they salvage the film?)

didn’t note the page
LE removed a sea-foam green and cream colored rug collected from the lanai that had a suspicious stain on it. Casey’s bedroom is decorated in sea-foam green and cream, the lanai is decorated with turquoise and tan. One of the photos of the house shows another sea-foam green and cream colored rug, still in Casey’s room.

page 5 through 8
The new canvas laundry bag shown on page 5, “Whitney Design” is from a line of house wares carried by Target. It matches the laundry bag found with Caylee’s bones. Did Cindy replace the laundry bag (liner), then decide not to use it until the “searches” were over? (It was found still in the package, inside a black trash bag, on the top shelf above the washer and dryer.)

Law enforcement also found several shirts in Caylee’s room with the same brand name of “Circo.” One pink shirt had iron-on letters saying “get my good looks from my mom.” The tag of this shirt had “RN 74299” stamped on it. This is the same number off of the tag found on the shirt collar that was found with the body. Circo is also a line sold at Target, favorite shopping local of the Anthony’s.

My own thought, not addressed in the documents:

All we have that places Casey and Caylee at the Anthony house the night of June 15 is George's say-so, that he saw them leave at 12:50 on June 16. Now we know that George also lies, not to the extent of Cindy and Casey, but will say what his wife tells him to say. (Why didn't I find a guy like that? lol)

Leonard Padilla (whose credibility is not what it could be) spouted off on Nancy Grace one night that after Cindy tried to choke Casey that night, Casey stormed out of the house with Caylee. This was the night of June 15, fathers day, the day Cindy confronted Casey about her having stolen from Cindy parents and they had the big blow-up at the house.

I have been over and over statements made by Anthony Lazzaro. He accounts for every day of June and July EXCEPT that he never says (or it has been left out of released documents) anything about June 15, whether Casey stayed at his house, came over late, etc. We see video of Casey and Anthony at a movie rental place on the 16th, all lovey-dovey.

It always did seem hinky to me that Cindy and Casey had this knock-down, drag-out fight then calmly used the pool together and went to bed. So, exactly where did Casey and Caylee sleep that night? Did they really stay at the Anthony's house, or did Casey storm out of the house, kill Caylee, put her in the trunk then show up at Tony's later?


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is very impressive! I absolute love your findings. Much better than Nancy Grace who keeps barking at the same tree.

At times I feel Casey is truly evil, and at times I feel that her controlling mother pushed her into a corner to gasp for air, and that's why she killed the kid. I can't stand the mother. What a non-charismatic person she is!

Janet said...

Thanks. As an add-on, the newly released documents (March 5) has another interview with Tony Lazzaro--he takes police in a cop car to retrace his route when he picked up Casey when she ran out of gas. Again, many dates are mentioned, but not June 15. Not to say she wasn't at his house or that she WAS at his house late on the 15th. My suspicion is that Caylee was killed between the time she left her parents house after the fight and when she showed up at Tony's late in the evening. ON THE 15th of JUNE.

Anonymous said...

I heard in Nancy Grace that when the gas was stolen, Casey wouldn't let him see the trunk, but he smelled no odor.

When was the gas stolen, do you know?

Janet said...

Tony Lazzaro said they broke in the shed for the gas on June 23. George reported it on June 24, so it was the 24th that she wouldn't let him look in the trunk.

I really think that Casey dumped her in the woods on the 18th. She made phone calls to mom and dad on that afternoon (I believe to see where they were) and then her cell phone pinged in that area on that afternoon but back out of the area quickly. Sorry I don't have links right on-hand.

Not being a forensics expert I could be way off, but I wonder if the body fluids that remained in ther trunk didn't decompose at the same rate a a whole human body, thus not emitting an odor for a longer time. hmmm, I think I'll look that up.

Janet said...

Oh, I think it's the gas cans she didn't want him to see...remember George said she would take every thing to the very end. Then she grabbed them, slammed the trunk, shoved them at him, cussed at him, and stormed off because she was caught red-handed.