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Sunday, February 15, 2009

2005 Documents Claim Haleigh Cummings Wandered Off

Reported by: Kristen Cosby
tvjaxfl.com Feb 13, 2009

SATSUMA, Fla.-- A document filed by the mother of missing girl Haleigh Cummings claims she wandered off when she was in her father's care in 2005.

The document is a "Motion for Rehearing and Objection to Findings of Magistrate." It was filed by Haleigh's mother, Crystal Sheffield, in January 2006. Sheffield filed it after Haleigh's father, Ronald Cummings, was granted primary custody by a judge in December 2005.

The motion says "During or about the month of July 2005, Ronald failed to keep control of the toddler Haleigh while she was in his care, and allowed her to wander off. The child was found and rescued by the mother, floating face down in the canal behind the house. The mother rescued and revived the child."

CBS47/FOX30 asked Sheffield about the incident Wednesday. She said she was outside Ronald's mother's house putting Haleigh's younger brother, Ronald Cummings Jr., in his car seat. She claimed Ronald Cummings Sr. was responsible for Haleigh. Sheffield said she asked Ronald where Haleigh was and he didn't know. She claims she soon found Haleigh in the canal.

Sheffield never called police about this incident and there is no other record of it taking place. A judge has yet to change Ronald's primary custody status.

According to the "Report and Recommendation of the General Magistrate" obtained by CBS47/FOX30 at the Putnam County Courthouse, a judge granted primary custody to Ronald after Sheffield failed to appear at the custody hearing.

Ronald told the judge Haleigh has Turner Syndrome and needs hormone treatments by an endocrinologist. He said Sheffield frequently failed to take Haleigh to her doctors appointments.
Haleigh's father also told the judge Sheffield had a drug problem and was unemployed.

Sheffield was granted visitation rights with both of her children. She can see them every other weekend and on certain holidays. The judge also ordered her to pay child support to Ronald.
Haleigh's father returned home from work 3 a.m. Monday and discovered his daughter disappeared from her bed.

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