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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crime documents released in Casey Anthony case--Part 4

Sorry for any repetitions. I got tired of waiting on OS, so transcribed from the .pdf myself.

On the tape found on Caylee’s skull were the words “Henkel”, and also “Consumer Adhesives Inc. Max temp 200 degrees f, Avon Ohio, 44011." The tape was affixed to the skull in such a manner that the mandible was still adjacent to the skull.

While searching the garage, Yuri located a canvass laundry bag of the same make as that found at the crime scene. This “Whitney Design” laundry bag was inside a black plastic bag on the top shelf above the laundry machine. This laundry bag along with the plastic bag it was in were both photographed and collected. So, Cindy replaced the bag, but hid it and was waiting for no more searches to actually put it in the hamper. What a sleeze.

During a search of the southernmost outside shed, crime scene investigators located a red metal gas can with a piece of duct tape on it. On the tape with in a black oval was written the work “HENKEL”. This tape appeared to be of the same make and brand as the tape found on the body.

During a search of Casey Anthony’s room, was a photograph of Caylee wearing a pink and white vertical striped pair of shorts. These shorts appear similar to the pair found on the body.

Several other items were collected from the residence include several black plastic bags with yellow drawstrings similar to the bags found with the body. This may match serrations on the bags found with Caylee's bones, where as the bags they collected later on could be from different manufacturing batches.

Casey Anthony is charged with the first-degree murder of her daughter.

WKMG focused on an Anthony friend who asked about the chloroform in the car trunk. Casey said she had had cleaning solutions in the trunk and tried to implicate former fiancé Jesse Grund, the friend said.


Anonymous said...

At one point didnt Casey come home and George tried to get the gas cans from her trunk and she ran to the trunk before he could get there to avoid having him look in the trunk. I think that is what he told the police at his interview. I know it was after the 16th....perhaps around the 21st? My feeling as this is developing is that she killed her at the house and she planned to bury her the same day but her dad got home too early and she had to wait. When did she borrow the shovel?

Anonymous said...

I do not think that trash bags that have the draw strings are connected to one another in their box. They just are folded up, one on top of the other. If there are not perforations to match up,I do not know how they will know if they are from the same box.

Janet said...

Let's see, the day of the gas can incident was June 24. She borrowed the shovel on the 18th.
I think that IF she was at home with Caylee on the night of June 15, like George said, then she was killed at the house. That she left on June 16, waited for George to leave then came back, where Caylee's clothes were changed, she was killed and placed back behind the pool in the laundry bag/liner, where no one goes back there. Then she came back on June 18, backed her car into the garage, borrowed the shovel to help her get the body (probably in full rigor) and the canvass bag into the two trashbags. If she was still in the trunk on the 24th, I would think she was already smelling rather bad, 8 days in Florida heat. Maybe not. I can't imagine what else would cause Casey to race George to the trunk. But I'm no expert on dead folks. It appears she was in there long enough for her little body to seep, even through the bags somehow to stain the trunk liner.

Janet said...

To Anonymous at 7:03: I watched one of those shows where they show you how things are manufactured. One was how taffy was made cut into ribbons, then chunks, wrapped and boxed. Another was how skate boards are produced (thin layers of wood and adhesives glued, baked, cut, finished, sent to another department for wheels and packaging. Then one on how trash bags are made. When the plastic for the bags are stretched to size, there are length-wise lines that run through them that can be matched to other bags in that particular production cycle, thus in the same box. Some bags (thin ones) you can actually see the pattern, but usually on black ones you can't. Because of this show, I looked. Kind of like the marks left on bullet shell casings that can be matched under microscope. And that's all I know about that.