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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Josef Fritzl: "I was born to rape"

Right: Should have known he was a little bitty short guy. They are often insecure and angry over stature, making them overcompensate through power and control. jmo.

Incest monster Josef Fritzl kept his daughter locked up as a sex slave in his cellar, had seven children with her and cremated one baby in an oven – now authorities say he would do it again.

The psychology of the horror father Fritzl (73), from Amstetten in Austria, was detailed in a 130 page report, and published in the newspaper 'Österreich'. It came to the horrifying conclusion that Fritzl would REPEAT his callous deeds, if given the chance.
The psychologist wrote that Fritzl has an EVIL soul: "He is like a volcano. He feels torn apart and has acknowledged, that he has an evil vein, a flow of destructive lava that is hardly able to stop anymore."

Sick Fritzl said: "I was born to rape."

The cellar monster admitted to molesting his daughter Elisabeth thousands of times.

"I never looked at her face while having sex with her... I only gave her so many children so that she would always stays with me, because a mother with six children is no longer attractive for other men."

Fritzl is still a danger to society. The psychologist admitted that Fritzl is 'sick', but that he is also 'completely sane' and knew exactly what he was doing. But vile Fritzl said he still dreams of growing old with his wife Rosi.


Anonymous said...

I am sick to my stomach reading this.

Anonymous said...

Fritzl needs to die for what he has done..Sicko!